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Cheapest Countries in Europe for an Affordable Vacation

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Europe is often considered the most expensive continent — and for good reason. For the rest of the world, it’s not cheap to spend in euros, Swiss francs and British pounds. 

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But that doesn’t mean budget travelers can’t enjoy this beautiful continent. If you forego Western Europe and Scandinavia, you can have the trip of a lifetime without burning through your savings. 

Wondering where to go? Here are the cheapest countries in Europe that we highly recommend visiting, ordered from most to least expensive.

10. Croatia

Average daily cost: $103*

If you visited Croatia 10 years ago, you would have found this alluring destination to be even cheaper. But the world has wisened up to its charms, and it is now one of Europe’s hottest destinations. 

Still, if you do things right, you can spend just over $100 a day here for the privilege to swim in the Sparkling Adriatic Sea and to walk among medieval cities like Dubrovnik.

*All average daily costs are based on estimates from Budget Your Trip.

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9. Slovenia

Average daily cost: $102

If you want to visit a country that is still a hidden gem (yes, they do exist in Europe), go to Slovenia. Overshadowed by its neighbors — Italy, Croatia and Austria — many travelers skip over this beautiful country. Given that it also has access to the Adriatic Sea and was once part of the Venetian Empire (which gave its coastal cities impressive architecture), this is an obvious mistake. 

Besides being a budget-friendly alternative, as you wander around the capital, Ljubljana, you’ll be relieved to be in a European old town that’s not crawling with other tourists.

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8. Lithuania

Average daily cost: $101

Perhaps because of their proximity to Scandinavia, people tend to assume that the Baltics are also expensive. But these former Soviet countries are more affordable than you’d think. The cheapest — and less frequented by travelers — is Lithuania. 

The absolute best place to visit in this country is Vilnius, the capital. An artsy city with a thriving underground and rebellious spirit, this is Berlin without the hipsters and the pretentiously wild rave clubs that only let certain people in. 

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7. Hungary

Average daily cost: $89

Anyone who’s been to Budapest wonders why Hungary isn’t a more popular destination. Split by the Danube River, the capital is one of Europe’s most beautiful (and most unique) cities. Go ahead, we dare you not to be impressed by the twirling Buda Castle or the intricate Parliament building. 

But Hungary has many visit-worthy spots outside of its capital — and they haven’t yet been discovered by most tourists. Take, for instance, Hortobagy National Park, where you can see wild horses roaming around, or Heviz, which boasts one of the world’s largest thermal lakes.

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