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The 6 Most Toxic Zodiac Signs Ranked

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1) Cancer

Cancer is the most toxic sign…

Behind Cancer’s sweet and gentle exterior lies a truly toxic personality just waiting to control everything in sight. Now, if you know anything about zodiac signs, you’re probably already aware that Cancer folks live for their family, which is completely aspirational. However, their bonds with their loved ones often become completely unhealthy and can verge on obsessional.

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2) Leo

Leo just can’t help themselves

Despite Leo’s bravado and publicized hate of all things negative, they themselves frequently display questionably unhealthy character traits. When it comes to love and even friendship, Leo ALWAYS needs to be in the driver’s seat and struggles to relinquish control. These folks fail to understand the need for an exchange in any sort of relationship and inevitably end up bulldozing their way through life and consequently hurting others.

3) Scorpio

Scorpio is always on a downer

Scorpio people are regularly tainted with a bad reputation, but when it comes to their toxicity, they don’t really have a leg to stand on. As a water sign, Scorpio is unfortunately naturally pessimistic and negative, meaning they naturally have a hard time seeing the glass half full and often spread their lack of enthusiasm to those that surround them too…

4) Aquarius

Ignorance is bliss for Aquarius

The phrase ‘never judge a book by its cover’ couldn’t be more appropriate for Aquarius folks. Although Aquarius people may seem harmless and rather ethereal, they do in fact spend so much time in their own heads that they struggle with their own reality. In short, when their reality doesn’t live up to their fantasy, they fall into a funk that they cannot free themselves from and drag others down too.

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5) Aries

Aries just doesn’t care

People born under the first zodiac sign simply don’t believe in hiding their negative traits and even go as far as displaying them for all to see. The truth is, Aries people will go to crazy lengths to get what they want, which means that underhanded tactics definitely aren’t off-limits to them. Lies, rumors, gossip; you name it, Aries will do it to get their own way.

6) Virgo

Virgo goes overboard

Despite Virgo’s seemingly stellar reputation, these folks are actually majorly toxic. Now, in Virgo’s defense, their anxiety constantly eats away at them and pushes them to overshare with their entourage, which evidently always brings them plummeting down. Virgos spend their whole lives worrying, and therefore never hesitate to burden other people with their problems. The worst thing is that they are relentlessly needy and regularly demand constant attention.

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