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The Biggest Stereotype Attached To Each Zodiac Sign

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Aries people are in fact really determined!

There’s so much more to Aries personalities than their fieriness and aggressiveness, indeed, Aries people are very hard-workers and love using their time productively. Aries can be great thinkers and leaders and have really quite dynamic minds, capable of achieving great things!You’ve no doubt heard or read certain things about your zodiac sign that just didn’t seem in line with your personality, right? Clichés are common in every walk of life and while some may be true, others couldn’t be further from the truth, which is why we wanted to set the record straight where astrology is concerned. If you’re anything like us, you’ll be sick of hearing how ALL Aries people have anger issues and how ALL Cancer natives are total cry babies. Let’s embrace the real facts together, here and now!

When it comes to astrology, many people can’t help but stereotype the 12 signs. People think, if they get a few characteristics right, that they can make generalizations about every individual native to that group. While some personality traits can be true and common for people born at the same period, although not everything is the same for everyone, people are individuals above all and have their own quirks and characters! Believe it or not, each zodiac sign has 2 personalities, so, discover yours here!

Don’t judge a book by its cover…

If you really take the time to get to know people and scratch the surface on who they are, you’ll soon understand that they are way more complex than just a simple list of characteristics. Do you want to be able to guess someone’s zodiac sign correctly? If so, here’s what you need to do.


Taurus people do have tenacious personalities

Taurus people are stereotypically lazy zodiac signs, stubborn and materialistic, although don’t worry, Taurus’, we disagree! Taurus people can be slow out of the blocks, but once they get started on something, nothing can stop them, their determination is seriously impressive!


Geminis have really curious minds

Gemini has a reputation for being unreliable, flaky and even two-faced! In reality, Geminis are very adaptable people; a skill which turns them into social butterflies, who can easily flitter from one group to another. Geminis are very curious and love discovering and learning about new things.


Cancers are in fact very generous

Cancer personality often has a reputation for being very in touch with their emotions, as well as a little whiny! Cancer, we have your back and disagree, okay you are a little sensitive but aren’t we all?! Your ability to analyze past situations and work on yourself is really impressive! You are also the most giving sign!


Believe it or not, Leos are super kind

The Leo personality is stereotypically very proud and are often very pleased with themselves, hence why they are known as being a little conceited, although their generosity and their big hearts aren’t mentioned; elements that we think are more important. Leos are in fact very protective of their loved ones and love caring for other people.


Virgos are actually really helpful

The Virgo personality is known for having rigid and even slightly self-righteous personalities, although we happen to disagree! For us, Virgo’s personality is way more complex, we consider Virgos as being intelligent, pragmatic and helpful; you can certainly always count on a Virgo in your hour of need!


Libras really love learning

Rumor has it that that Libra is idealistic, indecisive and often out of touch with reality, well the truth if that Libras can be dreamy, but it should be known that Libras place a lot of importance on the truth and knowledge. They love the idea of discovering new things and like leading very humble and simple lives


Scorpios are in fact really decisive

Scorpio has a reputation as being all or nothing kind of people, according to the stereotype, you either love them or hate them! Did you know that Scorpios are actually very passionate people, who put their heart and souls into everything they do, whether it be at work or in their personal lives!


Sagittarius people really are super upbeat

Sagittarius has a reputation for exaggerating and being commitment phobes, but the truth is that they have so many goals and a huge bucket list of things they want to do and experience, that they prefer to focus on their goals. These natives are very optimistic and love seeing other people smile, it really brightens up their day.


Capricorns love aiming high

Capricorn is often given the title boring, emotionless or even rigid, however the truth is that Capricorns are very focused people and understand that hard work is the key to success, so they choose to put their minds to things to pursue their ambitions! Capricorns are very ambitious and love having objectives in place.


Aquarians really love adventures

According to popular stereotypes, these natives love standing out from the crowd and need to express their individuality in all walks of life! It’s true Aquarius has a real thirst for adventure and independence; nothing scares them! We consider Aquarius as being a free-spirited sign that loves to experience new things!


Pisces always follow their hearts

Our Pisces friends are known as the drama queens of the zodiac, ready to throw a tantrum at any minute; don’t worry, Pisces, we agree that this just isn’t you, you are a lot more relaxed than your zodiac stereotype would suggest! Pisces people crave affection and are guided by their hearts, they are often also very one of the most creative signs

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