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Talent Insider aims to help small business leaders source and retain top talent

In today’s challenging labor market, it’s become increasingly difficult to find great talent that can help drive your business to success. Talent Insider provides insights, personal stories, and expert knowledge that will inspire action and lead to smart and informed hiring decisions.

This series will feature best-practices for competing for and hiring talent, retaining valuable staff, recruiting a diverse team, how to scale up, and best practices for offering competitive benefits. To further illustrate the value of good hiring practices, Insider has partnered with five business leaders who are experts at meeting each of these hiring challenges. We’ve matched these hiring gurus with five small-businesses owners who want to ramp up their hiring efforts. We’ll follow these mentorships over the next 12 weeks and document their hiring journey in in-depth feature stories at the end of the series.

In the meantime, take the quiz below to see how you would fare in various hiring challenges and check out the articles below full of expert hiring advice, personal stories, and small business trends.

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