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Weekly horoscope from 28 to 3 April 2022


Life: Your finances are looking a lot better this week. Your intuition is always on point, and it never lets you down. This week, you’ll give your projects everything in the hope of reaching your goals. Look up and keep moving forward.

Love: Your confidence will be at an all-time low this week, and you’ll constantly doubt yourself and your abilities. The New Moon will give you the strength you need to move forward and forget about your fears.

Feeling lost? Turn to one of our experts.Another new week ahead! What’s to be expected of this week? Our expert Susan has looked at the stars to give you a little insight into your week ahead. Your free horoscope of the week is here, discover it now! Your weekly horoscope will give you all the astrological information you need for a great week! Read your horoscope for your zodiac sign to discover what awaits you in love and life.

Our astrologer and editor in chief, Susan, and her team have worked hard on this issue of your free weekly horoscope. Their predictions offer you a little glimpse into the biggest trends in love, work, and finance. Thanks to your personalized predictions according to your zodiac sign, you’ll be accompanied through the rough times by the stars and will also know how to spot opportunities.

Weekly horoscope predictions for each zodiac sign

There are weeks when it’s better to know how to put aside your romantic or professional ambitions, and other weeks, when the stars favor your plans. Our experts know how to decipher the movements of the celestial bodies and want to share with you their secrets to success and happiness.


Life: You’ll do everything possible to improve your financial situation this week, even if it means working ever harder. At work, your logical attitude coupled with your calmness will see you through the tough times.

Love: Love is in the air for you in April, and you’ll feel an intense need to express your feelings. Everything is running smoothly in your personal life and there are no problems on the horizon. If you are in a relationship, let your partner know how you feel.


Life: Your goals might be getting too much for you this week. Aiming high is a great challenge, but your goals have to be achievable, if not you’ll lose your motivation. If you are feeling lost or down, talk to someone you trust.

Love: You’ll lack patience in love this week, and your desire to move quickly could mean you pass up on a great opportunity. Think before you speak, if not, you risk hurting people’s feelings and pushing them away.


Life: No matter how hard things get, don’t give up! Your energy will be running low this week, and you’ll lack the killer instinct you usually possess. Take some time out for yourself to let your imagination run wild.

Love: This week is set to be key for your love life! Realizing your love dreams is just around the corner, which means it’s time for you to act on your feelings. If you open your heart, the person you are crushing on could run into your arms.


Life: You have been thinking about changing career paths for some time now and this week could be the perfect time for you to make a decision. People always ask a lot from you, and satisfying them is slowly exhausting you.

Love: Having to take responsibilities for other people is making you uneasy; you are just wishing other people would step up to the plate. If you want people to honor their obligations, don’t get angry, try to open a dialogue with them.


Life: Your finances and your professional obligations are getting too much for you this week. You are feeling the pressure and really don’t know what to do for the best. Take yourself out of the situation and get some headspace.

Love: Venus, the planet of love is set to bring you brilliant success this week. If you are in a relationship, you’ll feel more loving and affection towards your much obliging partner. If you are single, someone will get your heart racing.


Life: Planet Mars will be responsible for boosting your fighting spirit and strength of character this week. Your intuition is impressive and helps you adapt yourself to every situation you face along the way.

Love: You’ll be in a very romantic and amorous mood this week. If you are a Libra in a relationship, you’ll focus all of your attention on your partner and could even forget to take care of yourself. Love always comes first for Libras!


Life: Mars will help boost your determination and willpower this week, to the point where if pushed too far, you could become aggressive. You are one hot-headed sign and have a hard time thinking before you speak. Your honesty could hurt people’s feelings.

Love: Your heart is full of love and joy this week; nothing can bring you down! Love is very important for the Scorpio zodiac sign and helps soften them. If you are single, remember that love comes around when we least expect it!


Life: You will be full of bright and intense energy this week, although you’ll lack direction and won’t know where to turn. You’ll eventually find the right path for you, but need to open yourself up to the possibility of failure.

Love: You can expect people to fall for your charm this week! You’ll be focused on finding love and spending time with like-minded people. If you are single, it’s time for you to figure out what you want from a relationship.


Life: Things are starting to take shape for you, and you are finally starting to see your hard work pay off. You are finally in control of your destiny and can decide what you want to do and how. When you disagree with something, speak up for yourself.

Love: It’ll be your turn to eat a slice of humble pie this week. Taking a step back and focusing on what went wrong in a previous relationship could be the key to you moving on in the future. An exciting surprise awaits you this weekend.


Life: Some unexpected surprises could throw some of your financial plans off track this week. Your creativity and perseverance will help see you through. Your energy at work is impressive and is key to motivating your coworkers.

Love: The passion is running high in your love life this week and things are becoming very hot and exciting! If you are an Aquarius in a relationship, let your partner know exactly how you feel, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.


Life: You’ll have trouble concentrating this week because your love life is dominating your thoughts. You won’t be very efficient and seem to be in your own little bubble. Your lack of concentration could cause problems for you at work.

Love: Your gut feeling never lets you down in love and always manages to steer you away from people who are wrong for you. If you are in a relationship, your complicity is very intense and your connection is set to be stronger than ever before.

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