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Alison Brie Uses This Facialist-Approved Concealer on Her Melasma and Veins

What people post on Instagram is rarely the full story, but going by Alison Brie’s social media, she’s cultivated a pretty great life. The actress most recently starred in Apple TV+’s Roar alongside Nicole Kidman, Issa Rae, and Cynthia Erivo, and while doing an interview to promote the anthology, Brie shared one of her go-to products for making melasma and veins disappear. 

Her secret weapon? Concealer — but not the typical creamy formula that rules many a vanity. Instead, Brie told The Strategist she uses an off-the-beaten-track palette of mineral-based powders from Colorescience. “It’s the only makeup that’s ever been approved by my facialist as something that’s not a terrible pore-clogger,” Brie said, adding that she appreciates the palette’s guide for color correcting, compact nature, and included brush. “It’s one of the only things I can use to cover a vein, and it’s great for covering my melasma.”

She continued: “I use mine all the time. Because of the different shades, it also works as an all-in-one makeup kit, especially if you’re a pale girl like me, because you can use a little bit as an eyeshadow and blush if you’re in your car and need something last-minute.” 

By Brie’s thorough endorsement, the five-pan Mineral Corrector Palette sounds pretty great — and while it’s no substitute for sunscreen, the formula is loaded with SPF 20, so anywhere you cover gets a bit of extra protection (especially helpful when it comes to melasma, which can be exacerbated by sunlight). Shoppers agreed that the palette succeeds in hiding blue veins and redness where other formulas fail, and one person wrote that it’s worth 10 stars, since the powders hide their fine lines and don’t look cakey.   

Brie’s not the brand’s only celebrity fan: Cameron Diaz has mentioned Colorescience’s powder sunscreen before, so it definitely has a knack with multipurpose minerals. Per a 40-year-old fan on the brand’s website, they’ve used the palette for over 10 years on hormonal breakouts and dark spots, and they’re impressed with how long each one lasts. 

“Perfectly hides spider veins around my nostrils and a patch of broken blood vessels on my cheek,” wrote another fan in their 40s, and one more said it covers blemishes “like magic.” In the words of a last customer: “This palette transforms my skin to look 10 years younger…I have been mistaken for my 16-year-old grandson’s mother.”

The other notable takeaway from Brie’s beauty routine? She’s a diehard lover of the Lucas Papaw Ointment that Alicia Keys, Cate Blanchett, and the Bridgerton cast swear by. Both the celebrity-favorite lip balm and Brie’s Colorescience concealer palette are available at Amazon. 

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