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Who Is The Most Loyal Zodiac Sign, And Who Is The Least?

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1) Scorpio is the most loyal zodiac sign

Although Scorpio personality people aren’t great on all relationship fronts, the one thing they really rock at is loyalty!  A Scorpio is the one person you can always count on through thick and thin; it’s true, a Scorpio will defend their loved ones in any situation.


2) Taurus takes dedication very seriously

Once a Taurus personality falls in love, they will do literally anything for their partners. Taurus people are stubborn, so once they’ve decided that they want to be with someone, their mind is made up and no one will be able to change it or call into question their devotion for that matter.


3) Cancer is big on commitment

Cancer personality people are very loyal in relationships and hate cheating and lying. When Cancers find the people they want to be with, their commitment will remain intact for life. It may take a while for a Cancer person to open up, but once they give you their heart, it really is for life.


4) Leo is fiercely faithful

Leos are very fiery people and will defend their relationships until the very end. A Leo personality will take drastic measures in order to stay faithful, which is why they hate their commitment being called into question. A Leo may be self-centered, but they will stand by the people they love in all circumstances.


5) Libra people are faith lovers

Libra personality people are very romantic and loving, which is why cheating or hurting their partner would never cross their minds. Libra people pride themselves on their ability to balance different aspects in their lives, which explains why their love stories often last a lifetime.


6) Aries can have trouble keeping promises

Aries personality people have very passionate and bubbly personalities, which means they hate being tied down to anything. Aries people can get bored quickly, and let’s be honest now; faithfulness aren’t really qualities that excite an Aries. When an Aries falls in love, things could either go really badly or really well.


7) Gemini is a mixed bag

Gemini personality people often have a bad reputation when it comes to love and relationships, although they often don’t get enough credit for their personalities when they are in love. When a Gemini falls in love, loyalty becomes second nature, and they will do everything it takes to make their relationship a success.


8) Virgo isn’t very reliable

Virgo personality people aren’t the most dedicated and when it comes to love and relationships can even be a little sneaky and dishonest about their activities. Virgo people often get bored in relationships, and it’s their boredom that encourages them to cheat.


9) Capricorn is shady

Capricorn personality people really aren’t very engaged in relationships or even in friendships. Capricorns love being the best, so crushing someone else in order to get what they want won’t bother them, despite their so-called loyalties. Capricorn is scared of getting hurt in love, so their paranoia may lead them to cheat before being cheated on.


10) Pisces have no time for trust

The Pisces personality loves socializing and getting to know new people, and their natural curiosity means that commitment isn’t really one of their strong traits. The same thing goes for love, Pisces people often have trouble finding the one and settling down in a relationship.


11) Aquarius has no faithfulness

Aquarius personality is one of the most ambitious and determined zodiac signs, and trust us when we say; Aquarius won’t hesitate to walk all over somebody else to get to where they want to be. Aquarius people need to be free and when they are tied down to a relationship, their faithfulness just don’t cut it.


12) Sagittarius is the most disloyal sign

Sagittarius personality struggles most with commitment issues; they aren’t known as the biggest cheaters of the zodiac for nothing! Sagittarius folks have a hard time maintaining their relationships and can be extremely fickle characters. We hate to break it to you, but expecting a Sagittarius to be loyal is just asking the impossible.

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