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What Each Zodiac Sign Must Leave Behind In Order To Grow In 2022

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This is the time to bring a fresh wind into your life. Success awaits you, so don’t let yourself be disturbed by a situation that is blocking you, and follow the clearer and brighter path that is offered to you!2022 is a year of transformation, change and metamorphosis. Whether we like to admit it or not, we all have things that hold us back, bring us down and prevent us from achieving our dreams. So, what if 2022 was the perfect time to say goodbye to these vices and grow in confidence? Our very own astrologer, Susan Taylor, reveals what each zodiac signs ought to leave behind this year. Following her advice will not only challenge you, but also help you break the shackles.

Evaluating what brings us down and holds us back isn’t always the easiest of tasks. This is why we’ve turned to astrology to help analyze what you need to do to feel freer and stronger than ever. Sometimes even the smallest of changes can make a huge difference to how we feel and the progression we are making.

What each zodiac sign ought to leave behind for a positive 2022

Horoscope 2022 is the perfect chance for each of the zodiac signs to turn over a new leaf and pursue a better future. It’s time for you to take control and wave goodbye to toxic relationships, bad friends and anything that doesn’t make you feel fabulous about yourself. Discover what you should forget about in order to live your best life!


It’s time to let go of your past fears, and your doubts so that you don’t lose your footing. Listen to this inner voice that pushes you to be bold and have confidence in yourself!


Try to give up some bad eating habits and become healthier. Jupiter and Neptune may push you to become excessive, so be careful! Leave aside anything that could lower your energy level.


You need to leave behind a certain image or conception of a couple, whether it’s to find your soulmate or to change partners, or to get a better start in your current relationship. Free yourself from old family patterns!


Cast aside everything related to impatience in 2022. Good things are waiting for you, especially interesting professional changes, but if you don’t know how to wait for the right opportunities, you risk getting discouraged before your time and missing the boat. 


You need to forget about overly intrusive people who have gotten into the habit of relying on you too much. The stars are not asking you to abandon them but to put them at a distance. They’ll come out of this better, and you’ll be lighter!


You must forget about your nervousness because in 2022 many good things are promised to you, but you will not be calm. Are you a sign of peace and harmony? Certainly, so preserve your inner balance and maintain your coolness!


You could cast aside someone who is argumentative or too intrusive in your friendships or family. In any case, this is a good year to get away from toxic people and surround yourself with stimulating and healthy influences!


You must forget about ideas of buying something too expensive or a project that is a little too pharaonic… Concentrate on the tangible, the manageable, and the reasonable: you will then be able to achieve great things!


You must forget about your frown this year and put your worries to the side. 2022 invites you to relax, to have fun, to love, and to enjoy life to the fullest. So, smile and continue to transform yourself into a beautiful butterfly!


This year, you need to leave behind one of your group projects. You love to improve the world around you and set up solidarity enterprises, but at the same time, the stars ask you to stay focused on your progress to consolidate your achievements.


You must leave behind any shyness because you are in a period of evolution and well-being. Don’t let old demons pollute this inner fullness, so get rid of the lack of self-confidence, you are loved more and more and especially as you are!  

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