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Trump in for a ‘bruising lesson’ after picking a ‘terrible political fight’: analysis

Donald Trump

Donald Trump is up for another knock-down after picking a losing political fight, according to a Saturday analysis.

The former president has recently revived his fight against the Affordable Care Act, after failing to deliver on promises to repeal it during his first term in the White House. This time won’t be any different, according to a report on Obamacare from the Business Insider.

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“Former President Donald Trump just couldn’t help himself. All it took was a less-than 600-word editorial to set him off. Trump has never had a reputation for self-control, but this time his detour may end up being one of the dumbest moves during an otherwise dominating primary campaign,” the article says. “Because once again, we are talking about repealing Obamacare.”

Brent Griffiths, a senior politics reporter at Inside, continues:

“The former president’s initial revival of the debate was in response to a Wall Street Journal editorial. As a result, Trump has handed President Joe Biden a potent gift at a critical time… In reigniting the debate, Trump has picked a fight on the worst ground he could have possibly chosen. A September NBC poll found Americans trust Democrats on health care by a more than 2 to 1 margin. In comparison, Republicans hold massive advantages on the economy, crime, and border security.”

In fact, according to the report, President Joe Biden’s administration has already used the attack to its advantage.

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“The Biden campaign wasted little time in highlighting Trump’s comments. They already have a minute-long TV ad airing nationally,” according to the analysis. “Unlike the rest of his party, Trump appears unable to learn the lesson that three Supreme Court decisions, a government shutdown, and an embarrassing failure on the Senate floor hammered into everyone else. Republicans still have gripes about the law. Many have just accepted they can do little about it.”

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