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CEO of main Super PAC backing Ron DeSantis resigns the evening before Thanksgiving in what is definitely a great sign for his campaign

Chris Jankowski, the chief executive of Never Back Down, stepped down on Wednesday, per The Times.

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The pro-DeSantis super PAC had been plagued by infighting for weeks as they’ve struggled to dethrone Trump.

DeSantis was recently endorsed by a prominent Iowa conservative, but he’s still behind in the state.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who had been viewed as the top conservative alternative to former President Donald Trump in the 2024 Republican presidential primaries, has witnessed his White House aspirations rise and stumble this year amid the ex-president’s continued endurance within the GOP political ecosystem.

For DeSantis’ allies, Wednesday took another bad turn as Chris Jankowski, the chief executive of the DeSantis-affiliated super PAC Never Back Down, stepped down from his post.

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Jankowski’s decision comes as a new outside group backing the Floridian’s presidential bid was created, alongside complaints from the governor and his wife, Casey DeSantis, over Never Back Down ads that were targeted at former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley over China, according to The New York Times.

Such an announcement being pushed the day before Thanksgiving doesn’t give wavering conservative donors the best impression of the group as they can clearly see an ascendant Haley as someone they could potentially rally behind as a top contender to Trump next year.

But despite the infighting within Never Back Down, DeSantis did score a major triumph in Iowa this week, earning the support of Bob Vander Plaats, the influential conservative leader who has significant sway among evangelical Christians in the key nominating state.

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Still, DeSantis remains far behind Trump in national and statewide polling in the early nominating states, an issue that he is working fervently to reverse.

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