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Your Daily FinanceScope for November 20, 2023


The best things in life are free, but we could all use some extra cash. Let us lead you to the land of green with our daily finance horoscope!

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You can’t get your mind off of your finances. The nagging feeling that you’ll be losing money is harassing you. You’re the only one who can keep it from ruining your day. Be forceful about not letting yourself dwell on the negative. No thoughts of anything red allowed.

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You’re not feeling particularly good. An ugly monster is blocking your view of the future. It could be mounting debt or a feeling of futility, but don’t let it defeat you. It will take an intense amount of energy to slay it, but slay it you will if you try hard enough. Begin today.


Time without concentration is a waste. Yet if you can’t collect your thoughts then it’s better than no effort at all. Staring at your various account statements is making your head spin, but at least you’re putting your focus where it should be. Try to soak up a bit of information. You can make better use of it another day.


Someone menacing has reappeared in your life. This person can’t be charmed and they can’t be impressed or bought off with big spending. It will take something equally odious to disarm them, so start coming up with ideas — the crazier the better. Just don’t let yourself become loathsome in the process.


Showoffs bother you and you have a hard time hiding it. Telling yourself their insecurity must hurt isn’t helping. Look the other way or plug your ears, because nothing is worth getting dragged into their egotism. Lack of funds is your perfect excuse to disappear.


You don’t have enough money for the unusual dinner you have in mind. You’re dreaming big at least in gastronomic terms. You can still achieve a lot on your budget if you put your mind to it and let your creativity flow freely. Sometimes that means putting things on the back burner to stew.


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You know just what to do to stay calm. Looking at your bank statements is more effective than breathing into a paper bag. You can slay your dragons once you restore your sense of ease. For now, do whatever it takes to calm down and stay calm.


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You’re tripping over your own feet in your haste to escape a major source of discord in your life, and spending is just the tip of the iceberg this time. That kind of response is rare for you. You’re more of a fight than a flight type of person. Your intense feelings are all you need to know, though, and they are impossible to ignore.


Don’t let a bully make you feel like you have no control over your life. Focus on the smaller details. Not only are they where you retain control, but they’re what really matter in life anyway. Your spending habits are a perfect example but that’s only a place to start. Branch out from there.


Someone has been observing your habits and they’re letting their feelings and opinions be known. They’re right. When you have to be reminded to relax, you know you’re taking things too far. Think of money as only something to cover your necessities, not something to drive you incessantly onward.


People can be terrorized on both grand scales and personal ones. An older relative has finally loosened their grip on the back of your neck. It could be they finally admit some respect for your financial success or they could need a cash infusion from you. Or it could simply be that they are no longer around to flog you with their stories of the past. Whatever the reason, you can finally breathe freely again.

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You’ve been around the block a few times. Figuratively speaking, of course. So you know to look beyond the beautiful words you hear today to see if there is something more substantial behind them. You’re willing to have fun if there’s nothing but fluff, but you’ll spare yourself a big tab.

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