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Trump Fans Express Willingness to Back Prison-Bound President

Donald Trump

Vicki Scott, a dedicated Republican, offers a perspective that underscores the unwavering support for Trump, emphasizing that his incarceration would not deter their allegiance. She states, “He can still run for president if he’s behind bars and he would still get the same amount of votes.”

She further fuels the sentiment by suggesting dire consequences in the event of another contested election: “Keep him tied up all next year, and we’re still going to vote for him. And I’ll tell you what, if it gets stolen again, it might be a third world war.”

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Unwavering Loyalty

Donald Trump’s ardent supporters are renowned for their unwavering loyalty, a devotion that became strikingly evident during his claims of electoral theft in the tumultuous 2020 election. Emboldened by their allegiance, some of his followers even resorted to a brazen storming of the Capitol, a reckless act that subsequently entangled them in a web of legal troubles.

Surprisingly, in the run-up to the Republican presidential primaries for 2024, Trump’s dominance in polling data remains unchallenged, with the rest of the contenders unable to unseat him from his commanding position.

However, an intriguing twist has emerged in the narrative. Many of these steadfast Trump supporters are now voicing their willingness to see him assume the presidency even if he were incarcerated. Their sentiments range from sheer enthusiasm to curiosity, as they contemplate the spectacle of a Commander-in-Chief operating from within prison walls.

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Dayna Duke, hailing from Arizona, amusingly suggests, “If he’s convicted and he wins, put the Oval Office in whatever prison they have him in.” Likewise, Travis McMahon, who attended a Trump rally in Dubuque, Iowa, expresses his anticipation, “It would be kind of fun to see actually. I know that sounds crazy.”

Implausible, but Not Impossible

Presidential historian and Rice University professor, Douglas Brinkley, contends that though it remains unlikely, the idea of Trump becoming president, even momentarily, while incarcerated is not entirely implausible. He emphasizes that it’s not just a far-fetched notion, saying, “It is plausible this could happen. We’re not just talking pie in the sky.”

Brinkley envisions a symbolic, albeit brief, stint for President Trump in prison, possibly no more than a week, before his Justice Department explores an exit strategy. However, he underscores that the logistics of even a few days in this scenario would severely incapacitate an active president.

In such an extraordinary circumstance, the White House machinery would essentially relocate to a jail cell, with governance likely delegated to Trump’s attorney, who would assume the role of chief of staff, ensuring continuity in executive functions.

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While the prospect of a President Trump behind bars remains a distant possibility, it presents a complex scenario with profound constitutional implications. The road to such an outcome involves his imprisonment, ballot access in all states, and successful election. Legal battles over his incarceration’s hindrance to presidential duties and potential self-pardoning could further complicate matters, potentially leading to a constitutional crisis.

Trump Throws His Own Son Under The Bus In Effort To Evade Jail Time

Donald Trump has dragged many people down a bad path with him, landing many of his cronies, colleagues, and underlings into legal trouble with him. Unfortunately for them, it seems their loyalty to him isn’t being repaid. 

Even his own children are being thrown under the bus while Trump looks to save his skin.

Alleged Bribery Scheme Could Be The Nail In The Coffin For Trump

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Is this the end for Former President Trump? Have we uncovered the final nail in the coffin?

Former President Donald Trump has not been having the best of luck lately. With his recent indictment, his legal troubles counting to mount.

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