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7 Signs You Married the Wrong Person

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While most of the time, people end up in loving and happy marriages, which also turn sour and loveless over time. When this happens, people often try and battle away to save the marriage, but sadly it doesn’t always work out. 

Instead, people should cut the cord at the first sign that the person they have married isn’t who they thought they were. But what are the most prominent signs that this is the case? According to a forum, here are the seven biggest giveaways. 

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1. Hiding Good News From Your Partner

One user said he realized he had married the wrong person when he hid good news from his wife due to her bitterness. He said: “I was hiding good news from her because I knew she would make me feel bad about it. I hoped she would grow up and stop being selfish and childish. She never did.”

2. When You Wouldn’t Want to Be Friends With Them

One person said that she realized her husband wasn’t the right person when she imagined what she would do if they were dating. She said: “It was over when I realized if we weren’t dating, I wouldn’t have wanted to be his friend.”

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3. When He Was Playing Away on the Wedding Day

One person recalled that she caught her husband messaging another woman on their wedding day. She said: “When he was messaging a side chick on our wedding day, and boy did it go sideways from there.” As far as signs go, this is a pretty big one!

4. When Her Selfishness Reached Obscene Levels

One user said that he realized her wife was the wrong person after her response to her undergoing a serious medical procedure. He said: “I came home from the ER after being diagnosed with a severe lung disorder, and she immediately left me with the kids so she could go out drinking with friends.”

5. When You Are Way Down His Priority List

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One person said that her final straw came shortly after she gave birth to their child. She said: “Mine ran off to play golf after we came home from the hospital with our son. A few days later, he went again while I drove myself to the hospital with the baby. I had severe mastitis, a 103-degree fever, and he just took off.”

6. When You Realize How Cold-hearted He Is

One person said she realized she’d married the wrong man based on how he spoke about their children. She said: “I realized like five years into our 19-year marriage… but the nail that made me leave was when my ex said that our children hadn’t EARNED his love, which shook my whole foundation.”

7. When You No Longer Feel Like Yourself

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One of the most popular responses came from someone who insinuated that being with her husband made her lose who she was. She said: “One day, I realized I had become a smaller version of myself so I had to leave.”

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