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Daily horoscope today: September 28, 2023 astrological predictions for your star sign

We sense some chemistry beginning to sizzle in today’s horoscope.

For Gemini and Aries it’s all about the romance today and things are looking pretty wild.

For other signs it’s all about turning on the charm.

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Ahead, you’ll find all the star signs’ horoscopes for September 28, 2023. Read on for your full forecast.


March 21 to April 20

While there may be social events to arrange, Mars in Libra can see you taking control and steering matters in the direction that works best for everyone. The coming days could also coincide with an exciting time concerning a potential romantic bond, as the chemistry between you becomes obvious. Plus, the Venus/Uranus tie is great for adding extra sizzle to a current bond.

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April 21 to May 21

As sweet Venus continues in a homely sector, her presence can create an energy of peace within the family. You may have a desire to make your surroundings beautiful by adding a coat of paint to key rooms or other special touches. With Uranus on the field, a lively aspect might bring an unexpected guest to your door. It may disrupt plans, but could turn out to be a happy occasion.


May 22 to June 21

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A dazzling encounter could find you attracted to someone who has a wild side. They may be eccentric, and this can be what you find so fascinating. Whether this is a potential friendship or romance, you’ll enjoy their company so much you’ll want to keep in touch. They might appear and disappear without warning, so you’ll need to get used to their unpredictable ways.


June 22 to July 23

Keen to sell items you no longer need, and to replace them with things that meet your current requirements? Your buying and selling ability can improve, with Venus in your financial sector giving you an eye for a bargain. And yet you might not be able to resist purchasing a membership or snapping up something on the spur of the moment. Keep receipts just in case you need a refund.


July 24 to August 23

Are there things you don’t agree with? If so, you may be ready to get involved so you can have your say. Connecting with like-minded people who share your concerns could leave you feeling supported. In addition, having lovely Venus in your sign might set you thinking about a makeover. As she angles toward Uranus, tastes may be more eccentric than usual, so proceed with care.

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August 24 to September 23

The Moon triggers a restless aspect that can find you questioning beliefs that have suppressed your unique qualities and talents. You may have felt this before, but with other shifts taking place in your chart, this urge to be more authentic could gain in strength. Venus’s link to Uranus encourages you to fully embrace your natural skills, as building on them will lead to success.


September 24 to October 23

With sparkling Venus in your social sector angling towards revolutionary Uranus, get ready for a surprise, Libra. Perhaps someone you haven’t seen in a while will make a visit or call you and catch you off guard. You may be surprised at your reaction to them. They could be fascinating to talk to. This might even be a chance to heal any differences and start where you left off.

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October 24 to November 22

You can be charming and a dynamic force for change. And with lovely Venus in your sector of goals linking to Uranus, you’ll reveal yourself to be original too. You may be drawn to people who have unique views and ideas. However, it might be an idea to share your thoughts sensitively, especially if doing so in public. This is a great time to enhance your reputation, so take care!


November 23 to December 21

Sociable energies in your chart suggest the desire to mix and mingle. And with lovely Venus making an electric angle to Uranus, it would be no surprise if an unexpected encounter or invite boosted your mood, Archer. Plus, if you have a major plan or project to complete, then chatting with like-minded others for ideas and advice might enable you to achieve truly sparkling results.

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December 22 to January 21

An intuitive hunch to connect with someone you’ve admired from afar could show up. And if you do go through with it, you may find you have a lot in common. Not just on the surface, but in terms of life experiences and shared ideals. Even so, if you’d like this association to become a long-term friendship, then nurturing it on a regular basis will make it stronger.


January 22 to February 19

Your sector of relating gets an extra buzz, inspiring you to interact more closely with friends or family. Venus’s presence here reveals you may be more willing to compromise, and even to put others’ needs ahead of your own. As this convivial planet angles towards restless Uranus for a day or so, be prepared for a surprise invite or even a clash of ideas that generates new solutions.

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February 20 to March 20

The Moon in your sign cosies up to dreamy Neptune, so you may find it hard to focus, even if you do have a lot to contend with. Yet a dazzling angling between Venus and Uranus can brighten your day and help you to focus, especially if it coincides with a scintillating offer that you can’t refuse. Still, it’s wise not to take on too much, Pisces. Delegating tasks can help.

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