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Martha Stewart’s Thoughtful Travel Etiquette Rules Remind Us Exactly Why We Adore Her

Martha Stewart is giving the world free tips on how to avoid being rude while traveling — because some people really do need reminding.

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During an interview with People, the lifestyle maven told the outlet she “never leaves messes” while enjoying a stay at a hotel. “If I’m traveling, I fold my towels and leave them in a neat little pile,” she explained. “I wipe up the sink. I don’t leave any garbage anywhere.” Stewart continued, “I leave the hangers hanging in the closet. I hang the robe back up, if I’ve used it, on a hook.”

Her tenacity when it comes to tidiness stems from her thoughtfulness — someone has to clean up what’s left behind, after all. “I just can’t bear it when people leave a horrible mess in the room. It’s the worst,” the business mogul opined.

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Stewart touched on restaurant etiquette as well, sharing that “eating too fast,” “stuffing your face full of food, and “being unpleasant to wait staff” are each considered a “no-no.”

The lifestyle guru’s tips follow a satirical video she starred in for a collaboration with Dunkin Donuts coined “Shake Etiquette with Martha Stewart.” In the short bit, shared on her Instagram, Stewart stands in her kitchen and begins, “Shaking your iced coffee? Some say it’s okay; others frown upon it. I say, go with it, as long as you follow the rules.”

Cutting to a clip of her standing in her peacock enclosure, Stewart says, “If in a lively social gathering, shaking your iced coffee loud and proud is perfectly acceptable.” Transitioning to the businesswoman sitting behind a desk, atop which sits a fluffy cat, she cheekily says, “A more intimate setting may call for more discreet shaking so as not to ruffle any feathers.”

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“Consider this the iced coffee shaker’s official rule book,” Stewart captioned her post. She always knows exactly what kind of guidance the world needs, from traveling the globe down to properly handling a cup of ice cubes.

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