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Trump’s Niece Expects ‘Dirty’ Republican Fight For 2024: ‘We Need To Respond Accordingly’

Mary Trump

Mary Trump, a psychologist and best-selling author, recently discussed the impending legal troubles facing her uncle, Donald Trump, in a revealing interview. 

What Happened: The backdrop for this conversation was an exclusive report from MSNBC, stating that a federal grand jury involved in the classified documents case against Donald Trump is expected to convene this week.

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During the interview, Mary Trump suggested that if Donald Trump is indicted, he would be inclined to drag others down with him, believing that his political prospects are rapidly diminishing. 

“He could not possibly handle the thought that somebody would take away what he believes is rightly his, which in this case is the Republican presidential nomination for 2024,” the psychologist said.

She lamented the fact that the Republicans haven’t learned a lesson from 2016 that “A crowded field benefits Donald Trump.

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Other Warnings: The psychologist also warned of the divisive and hateful politics that Donald Trump and others like him are perpetuating, foreseeing a challenging and difficult election season ahead. 

“It’s going to be a long quite difficult election season,” she said, adding that we should remember “first of all that there are more of us than there are of them” and “we should organize and hang on to that knowledge and also understand that the fight they fight is going to be a dirty one and we need to respond accordingly.”

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Mary Trump further speculated that the Republican Party may face internal divisions during the nomination process, potentially impacting democracy. 

She also addressed the role of mainstream media in the upcoming 2024 election cycle, criticizing the treatment of Donald Trump as a normal candidate. She emphasized the need for the media to highlight his role in spreading the “big lie” and inciting an insurrection against his own government.

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