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Do Revenge: Which Character Are You, Based On Your Zodiac?

Do Revenge is a teenage drama based on Alfred Hitchcock’s Strangers on a Train. When Eleanor (Maya Hawke) and Drea (Camila Mendes) meet each other after Drea fell from grace, the two girls decide to commit each other’s revenge. Pretty soon, though, they obtain more than they bargained for.

This incredible movie is already becoming a classic of the teen movies’ genre, being at the same level of other masterpieces such as Mean Girls, Jawbreaker, and Heathers. The well-written personalities are already becoming some of viewers’ favorite movie characters, and it’s a very interesting experiment to analyze to which zodiac signs they would belong.

Aries – Erica

Considering the way in which Erica acts throughout the movie, there’s no doubt the girl displays Aries’s competitive and passionate traits. She attacks Drea at the beginning of the movie, the most popular girl in the school, and, after Drea gets back at her, she displays a strong hatred toward her.

Even though Erica is one of the antagonists of the movie, she also displays strength and growth. She takes time to truly heal from what she went through, and it seems she actually wants to get better, even if she’s understandably having a hard time letting go of her resentment towards Drea.

Taurus – Russ

One of the most affable students from the school, Russ clearly has an affinity for stability, as often those born under the Taurus sign do. He stays away from the drama of his classmates and mostly focuses on his extracurricular activities and his friends.

Even though Russ can also be self-righteous, a common trait for Tauruses, as he shows when he demands Drea to turn herself in, it’s obvious the boy has the best intentions at heart. Fortunately, the two manage to work out their differences and pursue an honest and healthy relationship.

Gemini – Elliot

Even though Elliot is Max’s friend, it’s obvious the boy doesn’t really share his bad intentions. Elliot’s positive energy makes him a true Gemini, always getting along with people, and never actually engaging in the drama that partakes in his school.

During the movie, Elliot is mostly seen having a good time and being a good friend. However, when he becomes aware of Max’s scheme, he doesn’t hesitate to call him out. His open-mindedness and good-natured personality make Elliot one of the best characters in the movie.

Cancer – Tara

Even though at the beginning of the movie the audience thinks Tara is a bad friend, it’s obvious the girl is under a lot of pressure. However, Tara shows that she cares deeply about Drea, and even when they’re separated, Tara doesn’t stop thinking about her friend.

Cancers are one of the most loyal signs, and they love in a powerful way. In the same way, Tara definitely cares intensely about her friends, but also about her family. This means she’s put in a difficult situation when she has to choose between her father and her best friend.

Leo – Drea

Drea displays the confidence and determination of this fire sign. Even though sometimes people may interpret her attitude as selfish or arrogant, Drea is only trying to survive in a world that threatens to break her, and she’s not afraid to fight back. It’s partly thanks to her that Do Revenge is one of the best teen dramas ever made.

However, Drea, as Leos often do, sometimes gets carried away by her thirst for excitement and impulsiveness, which ends up costing her Yale. Still, the girl eventually realizes what’s really important in life, reconciling with her friends and stopping her need for revenge.

Virgo – The Headmaster

The iconic character of Sarah Michelle Gellar is one of the best surprises from Do Revenge. The headmaster is a clear reference to the movie Cruel Intentions, which makes her character the more interesting. As the headmaster of the school, she tries to guide her students to be the best version of themselves possible.

Methodical and analytical, the headmaster displays the traits of a true Virgo. Even in the most alarming situations, she’s able to keep a grounded attitude and tries to give mindful and intelligent advice to Drea, even if it’s possibly costing her the life of her beloved bonsai.

Libra – Gabbi

One of the most likable characters from the movie, Gabbi keeps to herself most of the time and becomes the only person in Eleanor’s life who’s only trying to support her. However, she doesn’t have a problem calling Eleanor out when she sees the girl being a bad friend.

Libras care a lot about justice, and Gabbi, as well, is unable to let go of Eleanor being truly unfair to Drea and even defending Max. The girl is more than aware of how far her brother is willing to go to assess dominance, and she wants no part of it. Fortunately, Eleanor comes to her senses, and the two of them reconcile.

Scorpio – Max

Scorpios are creative and intelligent people who are determined to achieve their objectives in life. However, in Max’s case, he uses these attributes to try to position himself above other popular kids, especially Drea.

Even though Max’s behavior in the movie is less than ideal, there’s no doubt this character is extremely intelligent. Hopefully, after everything that happened with Drea and Eleanor, Max will realize how wrong he was, and he’ll become a better person. After all, he’s only in High School.

Sagittarius – Montana

Even though Montana is part of the popular group, she’s not actively trying to escalate in her social circle or destroy anyone’s life. Montana is mostly spending her time in High School having a good time and chilling, not getting into too much drama.

Sagittariuses are positive and open-minded people, who like to take on adventures. Montana, unlike her group of friends, keeps a positive attitude and doesn’t disrupt anyone’s life. Some people may believe Montana is a bit dim, but in reality, she’s probably one of the smarter ones.

Capricorn – Carissa

Although Carissa is expelled from her school for illegally growing drugs, there’s no doubt she is a hardworking person, like Capricorn people tend to be. She spends a lot of time doing volunteer work at the farm, growing vegetables (on top of other substances).

At the same time, Carissa can be seen as a closed person, and Capricorns often have a hard time opening themselves to other people. Carissa, for example, is very defensive when Drea becomes a part of her extracurricular activity, although, maybe she was right to be.

Aquarius – Meghan

Meghan is not only the life of the party, but she’s also a very confident young woman who knows exactly how brilliant she is. As one of the most intelligent characters in Do Revenge, she’s in charge of the school magazine, and she’s great at turning a story around, just like she does with Max’s scandal.

This visionary nature of Meghan aligns her very well with Aquarius’s sign. Maybe she’s not the typical idealist who wants to make the world better, but she has the capacity to impact and modify people’s reputations, a gift that is often underestimated.

Pisces – Eleanor

Eleanor is the real mastermind behind everything that happens in Do Revenge. Even though some people could think she’s incredibly evil, Eleanor is just a hurt person trying to find a place in the world. Her sensitive nature aligns her very well with Pisces core values.

Pretty soon, Eleanor connects with the person she was supposed to destroy, eventually creating a close relationship with Drea. What was supposed to be petty revenge, became an opportunity for Eleanor to discover her own identity and create amazing relationships.

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