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The 3 Zodiac Signs With The Best Horoscopes On Tuesday, August 9, 2022

We are in the aftermath of yesterday’s Lion’s Gate Portal, and now today feels urgent—like a dream for the future is about ready to begin.  

The Lion’s Gate Portal is the alignment of the Sun in Leo, the star, Sirius, and our planet, Earth, and these alignments ushered in a new vibration making room for clarity and your own growth.  

Under the diligent and hardworking Capricorn Moon, today’s combined energy is one that will inspire you to make plans and take action.  

You could feel as if you waited long enough and now, you are aware that nothing changes if, in fact, you do not change things, and this can result in feeling more impulsive than usual.  

As much as the future that you have been considering is calling to you to act loud and clear today, you must fight the urge. Come back to a place of stability and calmness.  

When that light suddenly clicks on as it did yesterday, and you are able to see things as they are and not as you had wished them to be, you can be so inspired to create change that you are looking for all opportunities to do so.  

But that does not mean that it is time to make that move—not just yet anyway.  

Today’s Capricorn Moon is reminding you that there is no reason to rush ahead or feel that if you do not make some sort of move then your opportunity will be lost.  

You create your own possibilities by the choices and actions that you take; however, when you are thinking in terms of aligning yourself more authentically with what is meant for you, there is nothing to be gained by rushing.  

Take the clarity that streams in today and recognize it for it is, a chance to pause, a moment to appreciate that finally, you do see things clearly, and then use this knowledge to look at the situation from all angles so that you can make the choices that will create long-lasting change and not just a band-aid for what feels urgent at this moment.  

The Capricorn Moon connects with Mercury in Virgo and retrogrades Jupiter in Aries bringing some contradiction to the day. 

Part of you may be eager to go and take on the world, while the other half of you may want to hole up in your home and binge your favorite show as you come to acceptance with the clarity you now have. 

This is not only okay, but it is also why it is important to just give yourself the time that you need today so that you do not once again rush into something that you cannot get out of easily.  

Anything that is meant for you, will never need to be rushed.  

So, take the day, giving yourself exactly what it is you need, plan when you can, and trust that every moment is taken in clarity will unto itself get you one step closer to your destiny.  

Here are which three zodiac signs have great horoscopes on Tuesday, August 9, 2022. 

1. Capricorn  

(December 22 – January 19) 

While the moon is in your sign all day it is a great opportunity to process and find acceptance with the truth of your feelings. The Lion’s Gate Portal mentioned awareness over issues of intimacy and what needs to end in your current chapter so that you can begin a new one that is more aligned with your truth.

This is big for you and will highlight how you have conducted yourself in relationships as well as what you have prioritized within your life. As much as you like to hit the ground running and make sure that you are doing something to work towards a goal, today you need to pause to reflect on which goal you want to pursue.

More than likely what you are moving through at this moment will change what you want to work to create. You cannot keep trudging ahead and pretend that you do not have this new awareness inside of you.

2. Cancer  

(June 21 – July 22) 

The Capricorn Moon helps you focus on your own romantic feelings and what you have been processing and considering within your own romantic relationship recently. A big part of this new chapter for you is owning and speaking your truth like never before.

The Lion’s Gate will have brought up themes around who and what you value, including both important relationships and even finances. For you to take this new knowledge and move ahead on a different path, you need to make sure that you are seeing things clearly and not as you wish them to be. Today take time for yourself.

Travel to water, even if it is just a simple stream, and allow yourself the quiet and time to ground yourself in nature. Instead of feeling like you must sit and figure everything out at this moment, simply reflect on what it feels like to stay in the present moment with your feelings.

As you do this, you will begin to see how to put the new pieces together so that you can make sure that truth stays at the center of any decisions that you make. The universe is truly helping you at this moment to see what it is and bring you to a place of acceptance so that you can rest easy trusting when you are meant to decide, you will. For now, it is enough to focus on the truth and vow to never again not act on your own.  

3. Taurus  

(April 20 – May 20) 

The Capricorn Moon connects with Uranus currently in your sign today bringing you a swoop of magnetic and high-intensity energy. This is playing off the Uranus North Node union in Taurus that happened a week ago and will soon be reactivated by the Super Full Moon in Aquarius in just a few days.

Change is not just on the horizon for you, but it has become your focus. No longer are you scared over what it may mean, and instead, you are feeling ambitious and driven towards this new future that you have received glimpses of recently. For once, you are excited about what is to come, knowing that while many things will need to change and may even feel disruptive, you also know in your heart that everything that is happening is also part of a bigger plan.

The Lion’s Gate activation yesterday brought up issues concerning committed relationships and your home and family. This means that a big relationship decision is looming for you to take advantage of. Whether it is a greater commitment or even the transition of an existing one, this theme is one that will help you change your life in all the ways that you are seeking.

While today it may feel like you want to jump in headfirst, take the day and reflect on all you have learned and how you can start making decisions differently so that you will see the life you create manifest in all the ways that you have dreamed of.  

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