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Homeowner Reveals How Fixer Upper Home Renovations Really Hold Up

Many home reno series on HGTV have taught us a lot of home remodeling hacks. But as we follow the designers on their journey to transforming buildings and as we watch them wowing their clients with incredible skills, each one of us somehow starts preferring one series over the other and so begin to create a list of our favorite designers.

So, if “Fixer Upper” happens to be your favorite show on HGTV (who wouldn’t love the Gaineses?), it’s a no-brainer that you would be interested in knowing the behind-the-scenes of some of its most amazing episodes. For instance, a lot of viewers are still wondering about what has become of the “Adventure House on Wheels” in episode 1. Primarily, most “Fixer Upper” fans want to know what changes have been made on the buildings after the renovations. To that end, we at House Digest have decided to bring you backstage to peek at what really went down during season 1, episode 2 of the show — the episode entitled “Little House on the Prairie.” Get the full scoop down below.

Fixer Upper, Behind The Scenes

Recently, when Pure Wow interviewed Kristi Bass, owner of the house, in season 1, episode 2, the woman revealed the main issues of the building before it was renovated, her favorites of the changes done to the house, and the personal touches she put into the renovation after the episode.

According to her, the house was choppy and outdated. She also added that the rooms were separated off, and the lighting system was poor prior to the renovation. She later praised Chip and Joanna Gaines for transforming the house into a charming, trendy one by removing the wall standing between the dining and living rooms, renovating and showcasing the kitchen, and adding a clawfoot tub to the bathroom.

This post on Yahoo Life revealed that the clawfoot tub was Bass’s favorite added feature, emphasizing the new accent wall and a large framed wall-hung mirror. In the post, we discovered that Bass added patio seating to the back deck, sprinkled outdoor lighting, and fenced the backyard after the show. Other than these, the home is still much of how the Gaineses left it.

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