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Scuba Diver Finds Car Underwater With Bodies Of Teens Missing For Over 20 Years Inside

AYouTuber dedicated to helping recover lost items and solving cold cases has helped bring closure to two families who never knew what happened to their teenage children.

Erin Foster and Jeremy Bechtel disappeared on April 3, 2000. The two teens were last seen leaving a house party together and said they’d be going home. They were in Erin’s 1998 Pontiac Grand Am.

It was that same car that YouTuber Jeremy Sides, known for his channel Exploring With Nug, found in the Calfkiller River in Sparta, Tennessee. Footage shows the certified diver and Navy veteran using rope to guide his way through murky waters until he discovers the car near the bottom of the river.”I’m so glad I could find them,” Jeremy shared.

“I’m so sad that’s where they ended up.”

Sides believes that Erin lost control of the car coming around the corner and ended up plunging into the river. The families shared a moment of silence at the site as the car was pulled out. GoFundMe accounts have been set up for both [Erin]’s( and [Jeremy](’s families to help cover funeral expenses after this unexpected discovery.

Investigators have poured over the car in hopes of finding any indication of what happened that evening. They were surprised by how much things stayed intact despite the amount of time the car was submerged. The investigation is ongoing.

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