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These 5 Zodiac Signs Hate Being Alone


1. Aries

Independent but not always…

It may seem like you can handle anything on your own, but in fact, you can’t stand to do things on your own. You constantly need to be supported, recognized and appreciated by others. It’s your way of feeling loved.

2. Gemini

Me, you and then you and you too

You are definitely the most outgoing zodiac sign, so obviously, you don’t appreciate solitude very much and are always looking for new people to meet. Exchanges build you up, and you are stimulated by sharing.

3. Leo

How can you shine when you’re alone?

To see a Leo alone is an extremely rare phenomenon! It’s impossible for you to stay away from the world. It’s not your fault, but you need to shine, to be recognized and to attract attention, it’s your way of feeling you exist. Plus, your power of attraction is strong, so you are never alone!

4. Libra

Seduction and confidence galore

You’ve got a lot of assets up your sleeve that make it easy for you to connect and this is essential to your well-being, because the more trust you gain from the people you meet, the better you feel. Especially since you’re good at making friends: you never fail to call those you love… so you don’t stay alone.

5. Aquarius

Thinking together

Just like Gemini, you’re an air sign, so you inevitably like to share ideas, discuss, communicate and learn. That’s why solitude tends to scare you. You think, ponder, rehash, but without sharing, you feel like your ideas are not as good and that you are wasting your time. Whenever you have a free moment, you are more than willing to join a group.

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