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The Astrological Impact Of Zodiac Elements On Our Personalities


The 12-star signs are split into 4 zodiac element groups; Fire, Earth, Air and Water, and each group represents both a type of energy and a way of approaching life. Indeed, they all exert great influences on our temperaments and attitudes. The Fire signs, for example, group together the energetic personalities with warm temperaments. The Earth signs correspond to calm and reasoned individuals. The Air signs are linked to communication and creativity. And, the Water signs are the most emotional and intuitive. Susan Taylor reveals which element corresponds to your zodiac sign and how it influences your personality.


  • Discover your zodiac element
  • Read about the Fire signs
  • Don’t forget the Earth signs
  • Here’s the information on the Air signs
  • Discover more on the Water signs
  • Which groups are compatible?

Fire signs include Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius: This group is zealous and determined

Just like their ruling element, the Fire signs are enthusiastic, dynamic, and powerful. They can be identified by their passionate, outgoing and brave attitudes to life. Things can go either of two ways with these three signs; either they love you or they hate you. That’s right, with them, things and either black or white.

Fire signs are full of burning confidence, ambition, and willingness to succeed. They can do anything if they set their minds to it, although they do at times need help channeling their energy. Fire induces vitality, gives great energy resources and directs activities outward. But, Fire also provokes excesses, overflows, impulsiveness, meaning it can make people arrogant or self-centered. 

Fire signs
Best qualities:Passion and drive.
Worst traits:Short temper and pushiness.
Best career path for them:Leaders/management positions.

Earth signs include Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn and are known for being pragmatic and sensible

Earth signs are known for their smart and logical decisions; they definitely have their feet firmly on the ground. Solid, grounded, stable and perseverant are the best adjectives to describe these three signs. These natives can come across as a little cold and distant at the beginning, but once you get to know them a little better, they become a lot friendlier and warmer.

The Earth element induces realism, it gives practicality and draws attention to concrete, useful and material things. But, it also provokes rigidity, obstinacy, resentment and can make people stubborn or petty. 

Earth signs
Best qualities:Smart and reliable.
Worst traits:Distant and shy.
Best career path for them:Decision-making reliant roles.

Air signs group together Gemini, Libra and Aquarius and make for fantastic orators

Air signs are very gifted when it comes to communication and social exchanges. They are naturally very friendly and warm, although their chattiness can at times distract them from their zodiac sign goals.  These signs love learning new things and satisfying their natural curiosity. This group is known for its logical thinking, fairness and intelligence. The one downside is their superficiality.

This astrological component blesses natives with good communication skills and makes people curious, sociable and adaptable. These personalities seek to understand situations, mechanisms, and people. However, when Air disperses will and objectives, it gives you a mocking, superficial or casual attitude.

Air signs
Best qualities:Communication skills and intelligence.
Worst traits:Naïve and unfocused.
Best career path for them:Educational jobs.

Water signs group together Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. They are known for being emotional and creative

Water is the zodiac element of emotions, feelings, and sensitivity. Signs linked to this component are secretive, emotional and have great intuition, yet they lack a sense of reality and choose to live in fantasy worlds. They also have a hard time dealing with materialistic people. Water signs make amazing artists and are usually the most creative zodiac sign. They are kind and fun, but if you hurt their feelings, they are likely to go crazy.

This powerful component makes natives emotional, sentimental and intuitive. It can also add secretive, sometimes mysterious and preoccupied elements to personalities too. That said, Water provokes irrational behaviors based on emotions and is a feature that dramatizes and sometimes brings confusion. 

– Discover the spiritual meaning of water –

Water signs
Best qualities:Imagination and creativity.
Worst traits:Anger and instability.
Best career path for them:Anything in the arts.

Which element group make good matches in love?

Discover your zodiac compatibility and find out which groups get on famously and which ones can’t stand each other.

Compatibility:Rating:Why they get along:
Fire signs + Air signs💖💖💖💖💖They both have amazing levels of energy.
Earth signs + Water signs💖💖💖💖💖Their stable and sensitive nature is similar.
Fire + Fire 💖💖💖This could be an explosive match.
Earth + Earth 💖💖💖💖This pair will get on famously!
Air sign + Air sign💖💖A poor match…
Water sign + Water sign💖💖Too sensitive to ever work out.

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