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Trump Shares Anti-Vaxx Post With a New Nickname for DeSantis – And It Involves Republicans’ Boogeyman

Former President Donald Trump may have finally hit upon a new nickname for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

AP Photo/Butch Dill, File.

Well, not Trump, but someone who posted a video he shared on Truth Social.

In a late-night missive against DeSantis on Wednesday, Trump posted a screenshot of a user who referred to the governor as “Ron DeSoros,” in a nod to George Soros, the billionaire donor to liberal causes. Soros is a regular whipping post for conservatives, who say he wields immense power within the Democratic Party and in global affairs.

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So far, Trump has referred to the governor as “Ron DeSanctimonious,” “Ron DeSanctus,” and, privately, “Meatball Ron,” though he denies this.

“This is a Classic,” Trump wrote. “So much for Ron and anti-vax. Besides, he got the vaccine and booster, just doesn’t talk about it. He also closed up Florida, and its beaches.”

Trump’s post features a video posted by “Yoshi The Patriot,” who accused DeSantis of using a 100-year-old man as a “Guinea pig” for the Covid vaccine.

“Ron DeSoros used a 100 year old WW2 veteran as a Guinea pig on live TV,” Yoshi said of the video, which was clipped from Fox News. “The veteran, Henry Sayler, died 4 months later. But sure, DeSantis would have fired Fauci.”

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The Fauci remark was a reference to comments by DeSantis this week stating he would have fired Dr. Anthony Fauci, who helped oversee the Trump and Biden administrations’ responses to the pandemic.

Sayler died not long after receiving the vaccine, but there is no evidence the two events are related. Also, as the poster noted, he was 100 years old.

DeSantis is seen as a likely challenger to Trump for the 2024 Republican nomination and has attempted to outflank him from the right on Covid by distancing himself from lockdowns, vaccine mandates, and even the vaccine itself which was developed via Trump’s Operation Warp Speed. Bizarrely, the former president has seen fit to distance himself from that project.

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