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The Best Small Toolboxes to Stay Organized

The Best Small Toolboxes to Stay Organized

Small toolboxes aren’t just for people with limited tool collections, their compact size also makes them convenient to store wherever you like. We’ve also always found them perfect for using as task-specific organizers, perfect for keeping all your picture hanging gear or drywall patching materials in one place, so you can quickly grab it when you need it.

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Since you don’t need to drag around a large, bulky toolbox for every task, smaller jobs are accomplished faster and without unnecessary time spent rummaging for what you need. Small toolboxes are also great for storing basic tools—hammer, tape measure, screwdriver—and keeping in your RV, boat, or cabin for basic maintenance projects. For more great tool storage solutions, check out our picks for the best toolbox organizers, tool organizers, and garage wall cabinets.

The Best Small Toolboxes

What to Consider

When choosing a small toolbox, first consider what you plan on keeping inside. If you’re storing smaller fasteners and accessories, you may want to look for a toolbox with organizational elements like compartments and removable trays. Or, if you already have those smaller pieces organized in their own bags or small boxes, you can choose a toolbox with more raw space for larger tools.

Keep durability in mind as well. Flimsier, plastic boxes are perfectly fine for keeping on a shelf for occasional use, but if you’re taking your toolbox to a jobsite, or keeping it on a busy workbench, look for one that’s specifically designed for heavy-duty use.

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How We Selected

We’ve been using smaller toolboxes for decades, and found them to be especially useful during our time as a commercial carpenter in NYC, where many jobs weren’t able to accommodate larger toolboxes. We keep this experience in mind when choosing these options, and did our best to include a good variety of types and prices. Also, to add some clarity, since “small toolboxes” is somewhat subjective—what’s small to some might be normal size to others—we kept our choices to less than 18 inches in length.

1) 13-Inch Tool Bag


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This soft-sided bag is perfect for those who find hard-sided boxes bulky and inconvenient to transport. I especially prefer soft-sided bags for how easy they are to stuff into larger backpacks or toolboxes, as well as their comfortable padded handles. The red rubber zipper pulls make it easy to open and close quickly, and ensure that your valuable tools stay inside.

The polyester fabric is durable enough to stand up to regular wear and tear, and with a large compartment and eight interior pockets, is functional enough to store a lot of gear.

2) Y-350-GN Angle Tool Box

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This Trusco toolbox features a heavy-duty alloy steel construction, and a convenient 14.8 x 4.8-inch footprint that’s convenient to store practically anywhere.

The low-profile handle collapses down to create a streamlined look, and combined with the steel latch, ensures that you can carry it around without worrying about the lid accidentally opening. It’s available in four colors, and the 2.9-pound weight is relatively low for a metal toolbox.

3) DWST17814 TSTAK Tool Box


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Constructed of thick ABS plastic and rust-resistant metal latches, this DeWALT toolbox is tough enough to take a beating.

The long, full-length handle makes it easy to carry, and folds down into the lid when it’s time to store it into your trunk or on the shelf of your workbench. Its 7-pound weight is heavier than most, though, so it might not be ideal for those who want something that requires a bit less effort to transport.

Thanks to its unique modular design, it can also be combined with other models in DeWALTS TSTAK line of toolboxes.

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4) Grab-N-Go 16-Inch Tool Box


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Despite the low price, this Plano toolbox still provides a ton of functionality. The large main compartment and flat pull-out tray makes it easy to access larger tools and equipment, while the removable organizer is perfect for smaller fasteners and accessories like drywall anchors and picture hanging components.

This organizer is also fastened to the exterior of the lid, making it easy to both see what’s inside, as well as access its contents without having to open the box itself.

5) ATB213R Torin 16″ Portable Metal Tool Box


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This Big Red toolbox provides the durability and strength you expect from an all-metal option, at a price lower than you might expect. Our favorite feature of this toolbox is the metal latch which secures the lid when not in use—allowing you to carry it from the handle without worrying about it accidentally opening—and also has a handy padlock loop to keep out any nosy co-workers or neighbors.

The 16.5-inch internal length is perfect for storing longer items like torque wrenches, and at less than 5 inches tall, is convenient to store when you’re not using it.

6) DWAN2190 Tough Case Tool Box


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This extra-small DeWALT toolbox is perfect for organizing smaller accessories, fasteners or drill bits. The clear plastic lid allows you to easily see what’s inside before opening it up, and the removable inserts make it easy to customize the size and number of compartments.

We have used this exact model as a supplementary organizer tossed into our primary toolbox, and found it to be extremely convenient. It’s also great for carrying with you into awkward areas or on top of a ladder, where a larger toolbox wouldn’t be able to fit.

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8) 9.4-in Resin Tool Box


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If you’re looking for a toolbox that can keep a wide variety of items organized, look no further than this Keter collapsible option. The cantilever design unfolds to reveal 18 individual storage bins. I’ve used this specific model for years, and love the fact that the bins are removable, eliminating the need to carry the entire box around the house if all I need is a single type of item.

Although it’s more durable than I expected, its high number of plastic components and moving parts make it less suited for heavy-duty use.

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