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Liberalism is the systemic racism that liberals complain about

Liberals have spent the last few years obsessing over systemic racism, and yet they are the ones perpetuating it.

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Over the past two decades, nearly 200,000 black New Yorkers moved out of New York City, a decline of 9% of its black population. The New York Times lists several reasons for the decline, including “concerns about school quality,” but one issue reigns supreme: Black people, especially parents, are simply being priced out of living in New York City.

New York City isn’t making up the decline either, as the New York Times notes that “the birthrate among black women has decreased.” On a completely unrelated note, New York has been fanatical in its commitment to the Democratic Party’s platform of abortion anytime for any reason. PolitiFact confirmed in 2015 that more black babies were aborted than born in the city.

So where does the “national trend of younger black professionals, middle-class families, and retirees leaving cities” lead to? It leads to those big bad Republican states in the South. The black share of the population in cities such as Los Angeles, Chicago, and Detroit has decreased since 1990. Cities across the South have seen an increase in their black populations, from larger cities such as Atlanta, Georgia, and Charlotte, North Carolina, to smaller ones, such as Little Rock, Arkansas, and Greensboro, North Carolina.

The high-profile police violence stories that liberals use to push anti-police narratives also occur in cities that Democrats have run for decades, including Memphis, Tennessee, and Minneapolis, Minnesota. The cities with the highest homicide rates, which disproportionately affect those cities’ black residents, are run by Democrats. School choice policies that would let black families take their children out of failing public schools and give them a better education? Yes, those are opposed by Democratic politicians.

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While Democrats and liberals raise the specter of Jim Crow to complain about benign election laws or talk about how black police officers killing a black man is all because of white supremacy, the policies they support are peddling what could reasonably be described as “systemic racism.” These policies price black people out of living in certain cities and prevent them from seeking better schools for their children, and yet you will hear nary a word about it from Democratic politicians or the liberal commentariat.

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