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Biographer Claims Prince Harry and Meghan Markle ‘Mistook Popularity for Position,’ Says Harry ‘Becomes Less Relevant to the Monarchy’ Every Year

Princess Diana’s biographer believes Prince Harry and Meghan Markle “mistook popularity for position” in the royal family. He also shared that Harry “becomes less relevant” in the monarchy as each year passes.

Biographer shares difference between Diana and Charles and Harry and Meghan

In a Nov. 14 interview with Vanity Fair, biographer Andrew Morton gave his perspective on the differences between Diana and Charles and Harry and Meghan. He pointed out the biggest one: “Diana was trapped in a loveless marriage, whereas these two seem extremely happy together. That’s a huge difference.”

Morton also looked at how the Sussexes sat down with Oprah very early on. “Secondly, Diana gave it 10 years before she rebelled and helped me [on the book],” he said. “They didn’t even give it 10 months. He was meeting with Oprah in November 2018, which was six months after they married, to discuss a tell-all [interview].”

The biographer added, “So it seems that they headed for the exit door fairly rapidly. Prince Harry’s made it perfectly clear that he found the royal world suffocating and difficult to cope with. In Meghan, I think he saw a pathway out.”

Author says Harry and Meghan ‘mistook popularity for position’

Comparisons have been drawn between Harry and Meghan’s Oprah interview and Diana’s interview with Martin Bashir in 1995. “My reaction was quite frankly bafflement,” Morton said of the Oprah interview. “So many of [Harry and Meghan’s] statements just didn’t add up to me.”

The biographer continued, “So it was very different to the Diana interview, which came from her heart and came at a point when she’d already discussed much of it for Diana: Her True Story.” 

Morton also shed light on how Harry and Meghan’s position in the royal family is quite different than Charles and Diana’s.

“You’ve also got to remember that Diana and Charles are more important people for the monarchy and for the nation than Prince Harry or Meghan will ever be because of their position,” he explained. “They were future king and queen. When you’ve got the future queen saying that the future king is not fit for the job, then that is something that you have to take very seriously.”

Morton continued, “Harry’s allegations of racism, given what’s going on with reparations for the slave trade and so on, did strike a chord. [But] everything is about context, and there was no context for those allegations.”

He added, “Harry and Meghan always mistook popularity for position. Harry will never be king. As every year passes, he becomes less relevant to the monarchy. Just like Prince Andrew, who was once second in line to the throne.”

Biographer shares what Princess Diana would think of the Harry and William rift

Morton went on to discuss Prince Harry’s upcoming memoir, titled Spare. While it’s unknown what Harry will cover in the book, the title does give some indication.

“The fact that he’s called it Spare means that he’s going to deal with his relationship with his brother,” Morton said. “It’s going to be a Cain and Abel saga. It will have a biblical resonance.”

The royal biographer shared his thoughts about how Princess Diana would react if Prince Harry attacks William in his memoir.

“Where she would part company [with Harry] is if he puts the boot into his brother,” Morton said. “She wanted Harry to be William’s wingman, not a hitman.”

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