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Zodiac: What does Venus mean in your natal chart?

If you’ve ridden the wave of astrology in the last few years, then you’ve likely heard of your “natal chart,” or a snapshot of the cosmos the minute you were born. It captures the exact position of the planets once you made your grand entrance into this world. Each placement tells a lot about your life: your personality, karmic lessons, and notable events in the past, present, and future, says Allure.

What does Venus symbolize?

Venus governs numerous aspects of your life: romantic compatibility, sense of style, what aesthetics you’re attracted to, and how you love. It also describes your values, like what your relationship is with wealth, both financial and material, notes Allure. It’s also a planet that revels in pleasure, which is why Taurus and Libra—both ruled by this planet—have these characteristics.

People often rely on Venus too much for romantic, long-term compatibility, but Venus symbolizes how you idealize love and beauty—it’s crucial to note that these beliefs are not necessarily the most nurturing for a long-lasting relationship. This planet often puts on rose-colored glasses, finding difficulty distinguishing between wants and needs and generally being really indulgent.

Zodiac: What does Venus mean in your natal chart? Cleopatra (1963) / 20th Century Fox

Understanding Venus placements

Venus’s placement in your natal chart is vital, as it dictates how you relate to beauty. The sign it’s in describes the exact area you naturally indulge in, especially concerning connections: a Venus in Aquarius prefers unconventional partnerships, but a Venus in Pisces finds security and safety in an adoring relationship.

Venus’s links to your other planets also hint at what will be important in your relationships. For instance, if your Venus has close ties to your moon, your emotional fulfilment will be greatly influenced by your partnerships. On the other hand, if it’s intimate with Saturn in your chart, that means your penchant for indulgence will feel restricted by Saturn’s rather authoritarian grip. Understanding the positive and shadow aspects of your chart will definitely help you get over any recurring hurdles you may be experiencing—especially in your love life!

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