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Harry Potter: What Would Be Your Signature Spell, Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

The book Beyond the Wand: The Magic and Mayhem of Growing Up a Wizard has recently been published, and within its pages, beloved author Tom Felton – who famously played the role of Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter franchise – opens up about his life as an actor, his platonic love for co-star Emma Watson, and many other details about becoming a wizard celebrity at a young age.

The Wizarding World changed the life of many people. While Tom Felton got the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to play the role of a wizard, held a wand, and cast many spells for the film adaptations of the books, many other Potterheads were only able to dream about it. They never got to attend classes at Hogwarts, learn magic and have a signature spell. Fortunately, signature spells are tied to each wizard’s personality, and astrological signs can reveal enough about a wizard’s spell of choice.

Aries – Bombarda

Aries are competitive, bold, and ambitious. They won’t hesitate to do anything head first, and most of the time, they prefer doing shortcuts to achieve what they want. No other spell can come in handier for an Aries than “Bombarda,” which provokes a small explosion.

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Potterheads witnessed “Bombarda” being used for the first time when Hermione needed to open Sirius Black’s cell in Hogwarts. The spell is a little bit messy but effective and can become useful in any challenge or difficult situation. Aries love challenges, and they certainly love a spell that makes them be up to any task.

Taurus – Protego Maxima

Taurus appreciates stability and safety. Most of all, they value their jobs and family, and they for sure know how to rejoice in the finest things in life. Consequently, a spell that shields a specific area from intruders or any other unwelcomed presence, such as “Protego Maxima,” is, without a doubt, their signature spell.

Taurus would do whatever it takes to protect their loved ones and their homes. A simple spell would provide all the protection they need, and nothing is better for a Taurus than to have the peace of mind that comes with such guaranteed safety.

Gemini – Confundus

It may be considered one of the silliest spells in Harry Potter, but “Confundus” can be quite practical and effective in certain situations. It can be especially hilarious if used to tease or sabotage others, and Gemini’s naturally playful and erratic personality finds a lot of use in it.

“Confundus” confuses and misdirects a target, and it can affect it in many levels of disorientation. But in any case, Gemini has all the right traits and the insatiable curiosity to appreciate the charm for its practicality and entertainment value.

Cancer – Expelliarmus

“Expelliarmus” is one of the best spells in Harry Potter, and it is Harry’s signature spell. It takes the kindest and most humble hearts to have a disarming spell as a signature spell, and Cancers have the traits of a heart of gold.

Cancers avoid conflict, but when it is inevitable, they will always choose the option of resolving it in a peaceful manner. “Expelliarmus” provides wizards with an opportunity to address a battle differently, and nobody needs to be hurt after successfully using it.

Leo – Riddikulus

Leos are brave natural leaders. They love the spotlight a little bit too much, and they are often dramatic about everything. They are the first ones to volunteer for any dangerous endeavor just for the sake of being acclaimed, which often leads them to situations where they have to face challenging fears.

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A Leo’s ideal practice for their frequent wild experiences is a Boggart, and the only way to face them is using Riddikulus. Leo’s signature spell captures the zodiac sign’s tendency for personal growth and innate bravery.

Virgo – Accio

Virgos are very practical and logical, and they are always looking for systems and methods that make their lives easier and better. Needless to say, “Accio” is a spell that is very practical in every situation, and Virgos can find many uses for it.

“Accio” summons an object towards the caster, and it can save a lot of time that would otherwise be spent searching for the wanted object, or walking towards it to grab it. Virgos don’t like to lose their focus on whatever they are working on, so casting “Accio” to summon a pencil, food, or anything to them can save them a lot of time.

Libra – Scourgify

Libras love harmony and balance within every aspect of their life. They often try to use their time wisely and invest on things that will make them better people. Most importantly, they like being responsible.

“Scourgify” is a cleaning charm that will wash anything, and only Libras can understand how important it is to have everything in order. Also, they appreciate the spell for allowing them to use the time they would otherwise use cleaning, in something more positive and productive.

Scorpio – Avada Kedavra

Scorpios have complex personalities. They usually perceive the world as an endless void of despair where humans are constantly trying to devour each other. This often derives from them not trusting anyone and becoming lonely individuals.

Therefore, it is not hard to imagine any Scorpio using “Avada Kedavra” frequently, and making it their signature spell. After all, for them, the world is a competition, and they will do whatever it takes to protect themselves and their loved ones.

Sagittarius – Reparo

Sagittarius are obsessed with improvements, enhancements, and functional objects. They do not like it if there is one tiny thing not working properly, and fortunately for them, there is a spell that fixes anything within reach.

“Reparo” can be cast upon any object, and it will become immediately repaired. Given that Saggitarius like a perfectly functional space to live or work, and things constantly get broken, “Reparo” could easily become their signature spell.

Capricorn – Alohomora

Capricorns are very practical and efficient. They are responsible adults, and they are constantly trying to prove their abilities. They want the world to see them as the best version of themselves.

“Alohomora” is a very practical spell that can open any lock and reveal its secrets. While Capricorns have a very strong moral compass and would never open anything they are not allowed to open, they also rejoice on the knowledge that often is behind a closed door, and would use it to improve themselves. Luckily for the Capricorn muggles who wish they could be wizards,”Alohomora” is one of the Harry Potter spells that can now be done with a phone.

Aquarius – Stupefy

“Stupefy” may not be considered one of the lethal spells besides the killing curse, but it can definitely stun someone and make them unconscious for a long time. In any conflict or battle, Aquarius prefer to use a spell that is strong enough to end the duel without hurting the other.

After all, the zodiac sign is very altruistic, humanistic, and idealistic. “Stupefy” meets all their ideals and its certainly practical in battle. Aquarius would rather avoid conflict most of the time, but their unique personalities often lead them to clash with other people, and “Stupefy” comes in handy in that matter.

Pisces – Herbivicus

Pisces are sensitive and can usually be found smelling their plants, talking and singing to them, or doing the same with other living things like animals or fantastic beasts. Therefore, “Herbivicus” is the ideal spell for them.

Pisces can often be found buying new plants and placing them in every room (also crying when they die in spite of their efforts to keep them alive). But for Pisces wizards, crying for plants is not an option, and the charm makes every plant bloom. Without a doubt, “Herbivicus” makes Pisces significantly happier.

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