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Intelligent, independent … and moody? Meet Aquarius, February’s main Zodiac sign.

Aquarius, the Zodiac sign which rules much of February and the last part of January is known for its intelligence and unpredictability. 

Unique and creative, Aquarians can be an enigma to others but never to themselves. What makes an Aquarius tick? How do they approach the workplace and relationships? 

In conversation with astrologer and energy healer Kesaine Walker, USA TODAY explores the Aquarius Zodiac sign, unpacking key personality traits, strengths and weaknesses, and romantic compatibility. “Examining my life through the spiritual arts brought some much-needed self-awareness during some challenging times,” Walker shared in an email, adding, “It helped me to recognize that my outside world was only reflecting how I felt about myself internally.” 

When does Aquarius season start? 

Aquarius season dates run from January 20 to February 18. Aquarius is an air sign symbolized by the water bearer. 

Key personality traits of Aquarians

Aquarians are highly intellectual and creative, Walker says. Marked by independence, they don’t like to be instructed what to do.

While they can be social, they are not likely to participate in social interactions unless they truly want to. Aquarians are ideas people, never suffering a drought of inspiration. “They are known to be progressive thinkers who can see patterns in things others might not notice,” Walker explains. 

Aquarians can be seen as unpredictable, sometimes even moody and often strike others as unique individuals, leading with originality and creativity. 


Walker lists social work, journalism, humanitarianism, and other helping professions as the right career fit for Aquarians.

They make great medical workers, she says, because of their innate ability to think outside of the box. “These careers can require a lot of travel, but this is a good match as they enjoy meeting new people and exploring different cultures,” Walker explains. 

Aquarians also tend to be very tech savvy, making them a good match for the IT department.


Walker describes Aquarians as loyal friends and romantic partners, with a smaller inner circle that lasts throughout their lifetime. They can have a tendency to get too wrapped up in their work life and leave interpersonal relationships to the wayside. 

“In love, Aquarians are open-minded, sensitive, and passionate lovers who appreciate spontaneity. They will give up anything if it means staying together,” she says. However, it may take them some time for them to figure out how to apologize or show affection in a relationship. 

In terms of compatibility, an Aquarian will match well with a Leo, or a Sagittarius, Walker reports, mainly because they have shared qualities such as leadership, courage and honesty. 


While Aquarians do regulate their emotions well internally, they can struggle to effectively communicate those emotions with others, Walker says. 

They tend to be less expressive than the other signs, sometimes having difficulty finding the words to match how they feel on the inside. This can end up being a pain point in some relationships for Aquarians as they can demand emotional vulnerability and effective communication to build intimacy. 


Walker cites key strengths of Aquarians as: 

  • Outside of the box thinking 
  • Unafraid of change
  • Work well in groups
  • Love collaboration

“In Aquarius’ world, it is more valuable to be different rather than to blend in with the crowd,” Walker says, praising their unconventionality and original thinking patterns. 

Being unafraid of change is another strong point for Aquarius signs, who do not dwell too long on whether the change is inherently bad or good, instead diving immediately into how they can learn from it. 

Aquarians are also excellent team members, they view collaboration as essential and find joy in combining their abilities with those of others. “They see their own unique skills as integral parts of a greater whole,” Walker explains. 

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