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Get Fit with 6: October challenge

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) – This month’s exercises work a wide range of muscle groups. We have three different types of push ups to work your back, shoulders and triceps. Plus, we’ll use a bender ball to do some walking and pulsing squats for your quads and glutes. Then, using the bender ball again, we’ll get a good ab and core workout.

Push Ups

– regular, hands shoulder width apart, legs stretched out or for a modified version go on your knees

– staggered hands, place one hand stretched out and the other in the normal position. Switch hands to do both sides

– hands out, hands shoulder width apart but hands turned outward

Bender Ball Between Legs

– in a squat position put the ball in between you legs just above the knee and walk five paces then pulse in the squat position

– walk back five paces and repeat the pulses

Bender Ball Abs

– sitting in an upright position on the floor place the ball on the floor and up against the very lower part of your back

– feet shoulder width apart, flat on the ground with knees bent

– bring arms up with fingers close together

– lean back just a little bit then pulse up reaching toward the ceiling

– the ball should be in a place that takes the pressure off your lower back

As always follow the calendar to increase repetitions everyday

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