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What to know before getting the flu, COVID, or Monkeypox vaccine

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Whether you want to get a COVID booster, protect yourself against the flu, take precautions for Monkeypox, or all of the above, there are some things you should be aware of before rushing to get a jab.

According to Ryan Sheehan, Public Information Specialist for the Columbia/Boone County Health Department, if you just got boosted and are interested in getting Pfizer’s new bivalent shot aimed a preventing the Omicron strain of the virus, you might have to wait for some time.

“Someone I know just got their booster after their two primary series. They are not eligible for bivalent right now, because that was a month ago. So yeah, after 2 months, they’re eligible for bivalent,” he said. 

Patience will also be necessary for those seeking a Monkeypox vaccine. The CDC states on its website, ” People, particularly young men, might consider waiting four weeks after receiving the Monkeypox vaccine before getting a Moderna, Novavax, or Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine because of an observed risk for Myocarditis,” a condition that involves the swelling of heart muscles.

But if you are just wanting to get a primary COVID shot or standard booster as well as your flu vaccine, no waiting time is necessary.

“There will be an MU Healthcare drive-thru event, where starting October 8th, you can receive both at the same time,” Sheehan said. 

Sheehan said a bivalent booster clinic is scheduled for Saturday at the department’s Worley Street location.

If you are a resident of Jefferson City, the bivalent booster is not available at the Cole County Health Department yet, but is available at other providers, such as the Jefferson City Medical Group.

Lake Regional Health is also offering the bivalent booster at its seven primary clinics.

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