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How to Find the Right VC to Fund Your Business

While VC funding often represents the promised land for founders, anyone who’s been in the ring knows that it can make or break your business. Raising money is important, but who you raise it from is what matters the most. A well-aligned VC partner can catapult your company into the major leagues, while a bad match can accelerate its unfortunate end. How do you identify and attract VCs with the right industry fit, network and core expertise?

We talked to some of Propelify Technology Festival’s speakers about what a prosperous match looks like and how to spot a red flag.

What is the most important thing to consider when seeking VC funding?

“One of the most important things to look for is someone you can trust and who is going to support you when things aren’t great because they won’t always be.” — Vinit Bharara, Cofounder and CEO of Mojo

“Choosing an investor that has industry experience and can be a resource in bringing your vision to life is key. A strategic investor in your cap table can open doors and provide meaningful advice on potential opportunities and paths.” — Hillel Olivestone, Head of Corporate Development at Cross River

“As a founder, I learned that many VCs say they’ll be helpful when they deliver a term sheet but disappear when things actually get tough—or even worse, they interrupt your work with bad advice that’s not based on any real operational experience. But just like you’d vet a new hire or prospective vendor, check their references. Talk to other founders in the portfolio. Ask what the firm actually brought to the table. Seek out the most successful companies in their portfolio as well as those that are no longer in business. And of course, have direct conversations with the team about the type of help and experience you’re seeking.” — Ben Sun, Cofounding General Partner, Primary

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