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Yolanda Díaz regrets the electoral result and asks not to resign oneself to those who want to «dynamite» rights

Yolanda Diaz

The second vice-president and Minister of Labor and Social Economy, Yolanda Diaz, has regretted the preliminary results of the elections held this Sunday in Italy in which the far-right leader of Brothers of Italy, Giorgia Meloni, is emerging as the winner.

“The result of the elections in Italy is very sad and worrying. These are difficult times, but we cannot resign ourselves,” the minister wrote in a post on the social network Twitter in which she assured that Italy is still necessary to build a more “social and democratic” Europe and “not following in the footsteps of Hungary and Poland.”

In this line, Diaz has pointed out that inequality and disaffection with politics are the factors that have led Italy to a situation where “a few want to dynamite the rights of the majority”. Faced with this, he assured that “it is not enough to raise the noise”.

The youth, women and all citizens are waiting for a new social and green contract, added the minister, who says she is convinced that a “moderate and fair” Italy will eventually make its way.

“To that end, the progressive forces must offer new certainties: expanding rights, improving employment, betting on Europe”, added the Minister of Labor, who considers it essential to have hope “when uncertainty is the norm”.

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