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12 Zodiac Matches That Make The Absolute Worst Couples

Have you ever been in a relationship where no matter what you did, it just didn’t work? You loved your partner but they drove you insane. Finally after many arguments, hurt feelings, and frustration, you parted ways.

If you can’t quite pinpoint the reason why your relationship didn’t work out, looking to your zodiac compatibility might reveal that your signs are among the worst zodiac matches.

If you’re into astrology or just want a clue on the likelihood of you and your partner being a love match, check out this guide that will tell you if it’s doomed.

If it’s not in the stars, you’ve been warned!

Worst Zodiac Matches

1. Aries & Taurus 

Aries are extremely strong-willed and Taureans are stubborn, so once one of you digs their heels in, no one is going to budge.

Taurus is going to want to know where they stand in the relationship all the time and that annoys Aries.

When it’s clear that the relationship needs to end, Aries will want to ghost their way out of it, but Taurus is going to want explanation after explanation. 

2. Taurus & Sagittarius

There are times when Taurus enjoys a quiet evening at home, but Sagittarius always wants to go out and do something fun.

Sagittarians like mind games that are fun and there’s very little fun in that for Taurus. Sagittarius is just too much for Taurus to handle. They’ve had a ton of past relationships and they don’t take things seriously enough.

3. Gemini & Capricorn

Want a recipe for disaster? Take one zodiac sign that’s known for their love of fun and conversation (Gemini) and pair them with the sign that’s known for being a workhorse and likes to plan out every detail of their life (Capricorn).

Capricorns aren’t into spontaneity and just letting anything happen. Geminis will get frustrated pretty quickly.

4. Cancer & Aquarius

Cancer is a homebody, while Aquarius is more of a free spirit. Since Cancer is so independent, they might get the feeling that they don’t really need Aquarius, but Cancer needs to know that someone is completely into them.

Also, Cancer won’t be happy when Aquarius corrects you or points out a mistake you’ve made, which they’re very likely to do.

5. Leo & Scorpio

Let’s cut to the important stuff: Scorpios aren’t going to compliment and praise you, and everybody has to make a deposit in the Leo praise bank. You know how Leos think they’re pretty charming and flirty? Well, that’s not going to fly with Scorpio; they have a tendency to get jealous. 

6. Virgo & Sagittarius

Neither one of you really wants to commit. Sagittarians can be a little too carefree (in Virgo’s opinion) and they don’t consider how their actions may hurt other people. When they disappear and don’t show up until weeks later, it’s not OK for Virgo.

7. Libra & Virgo

Virgos tend to be critical of Libra and that makes Libras doubt themselves. Virgos need to be right all the time and are so practical it gets on Libra’s nerves. Why do Virgos have to be so uptight?

8. Scorpio & Aries

Words that describe a Scorpio/Aries pairing include explosive, intense, and combative, which is great if you’re lovers in a Shakespeare play, but not good in real life. Both signs are strong-willed, want complete control, and want to be on top. 

9. Sagittarius & Capricorn

Sagittarius, get used to saying, “You never let me have any fun,” because you’ll be saying it a lot if you get together with a Capricorn.

Here’s another reason to cross them off your list of potential mates: your two signs together have absolutely no sexual chemistry. Zilch. None. Zero. Hire the Capricorn to be your business manager rather than date them.

10. Pisces & Virgo

Pisces is the zodiac’s dreamiest and sensitive sign, and Virgos are practical and down to earth. Yes, opposites can attract, but in your case, you just clash.

Don’t get rid of the Virgo entirely from your life because you two can still have a lifelong friendship.

11. Aquarius & Taurus

These two zodiac signs can’t communicate to save their lives. Taurus will push and push and push to get the point across, which just makes Aquarius not want to engage.

Aquarians are unorthodox and bohemian, whereas Taureans are much more materialistic and conservative.

12. Gemini & Cancer

This couple could work if they both have a strong sense of humor. Geminis like to go to parties and talk to people, and Cancer likes to chill at home, but if you both look at things with a sense of humor (and if Gemini has a little patience with Cancer), it could work. They aren’t the worst, but would still have their challenges.

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