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Woman Shares Video of Rude Couple on Flight and People Are Having a Field Day

Flying has seriously turned into such a total circus.

It’s inevitable that one time or another, you will be stuck on a flight with someone that’ll make you question your own morals. Some people just don’t have common courtesy, and it can make your travel so unenjoyable! 

In a video that was shared on TikTok by @itsalexbabee, one traveler shows the true audacity that a rude couple on her flight had. Wait until you get a load of how crazy this story is. We honestly can’t get over what these people were doing mid-flight.

Uh, what? Well ,this is a new level of rude. Can you even believe they were sharing headphones while sitting across the aisle from each other? And then they even got mad when the creator asked them to move so she could get to the restroom? Like what did they expect her to do? Jump over the cord? People who watched the clip are just as outraged as the creator. TikTok user @jiminy_christmas said, “Unreal. The audacity. It’s their world, we’re just living in it.” HA! We guess that’s what they think.

Some of the commenters are even plotting their revenge on the couple, like user @cereal_killer76, who said, “Personally, I’d walk right through it like it wasn’t even there.” LOL can you imagine the look on the couple’s face? What would they even say? The creator is blaming this situation on Spirit Airlines, in the comments, she replies to one person questioning her choice of airline. She said, “It was either Spirit or two flights with a 3-hour layover 😭, everything else was sold out. Never again.” 

Of course, clearly the airline is not to blame here, as this could have happened on any flight on any carrier. But it’s a good reminder to the rest of us that you never quite know what you’re going to get in terms of fellow passengers these days! 

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