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Amazon Shoppers Are ‘Obsessed’ With This $9 Tool That Organizes Those Pesky Cords in Your Kitchen


Once you put up the tiles and find the perfect places for the kitchen appliances, you start to notice the details you want to change in your kitchen. You realize you want a bread box for all the bread in the cabinet, a wine rack that matches the decor — the list goes on. However, one annoyance that never seems to go away is the tangled, pesky wires from your favorite kitchen appliances. Luckily, we may have found a handy tool to fix that problem — and at less than $10.

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Picture this: everything is perfect in your kitchen. It’s all polished, and everything is in place, but then you need to make coffee. You drag your coffee maker out and suddenly, the tangled wire is all over the cabinet, then another one is — and thus a snowball effect full of wires happens. But thanks to this little organization tool, that headache can be a distant memory.

The AUNUOWE Cord Organizer is a handy tool to help you organize those pesky cords behind your favorite appliances in your kitchen. Whether it be an air fryer or your coffee maker, those wires get annoying. But with this simple application, those wires are basically out of sight.

Both easy-to-use and adjustable, this can work with any bundle of appliances you have in your kitchen. All you have to do is clean the area you wish to stick it (whether it be a wall or the back of the appliance) and position the cord there. Then you’re done and you can use it right away!

One of the top reviews said they were “obsessed” with this tool, saying: “Definitely multiple uses and so easy to use. Worth the price and organization.”

Another reviewer added, “I’ve been working on organizing my kitchen + closet, where we store appliances. The cords were one issue, and good cable management is always nice. This provides the perfect wrap for short (few feet) appliance cords, never seen something like it in a brick and mortar, but it’s exactly what we needed.”

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