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What is your investor profile according to your zodiac sign?

What is your investor profile according to your zodiac sign?

Investing can be an unpredictable experience, so what better thing to pair it up with than your astrological zodiac sign? If you’re looking for a sign from the stars on what to invest in or how to behave in an ever-changing market, any bit of advice could be of use.


The Aries sign arrives with spring, marking the beginning of the zodiac year, and those under this sign are all about starting anew with optimism for the future. As investors, Aries are likely to go with what’s been proven to work, investing in blue chips that are most likely to provide reliable, steady growth that can help fund their passions. However, Aries are also known for their impulsive spark, so beware of short-term ‘get rich quick’ investments that could undo all the steady progress.


It’s almost poetic that the sign of the bull is one who has the patience to wait for upcoming bull markets to invest. A Taurus can be stubborn to a fault, but it comes in handy with investing as they’ll often refuse to buy the dip, recognizing that it will often continue to fall even lower. Once the signs of a buying bull market are clear, Tauruses will invest appropriately. It may not be the most exciting method, but it’s effective.


As an impulsive air sign, both the greatest strength and weakness of those born under Gemini is their curiosity. Geminis are likely to want to invest in a little bit of everything, which can lead to a wonderfully diverse portfolio or one that lacks any clear direction. However, as quick learners, Geminis are likely to narrow down those investments over time until they’ve found the spread that works best for them.


Known for their loyalty and suspicious nature, those born under Cancer are likely to make long-term investments after doing all the necessary research. Don’t expect Cancers to fall for the popular trends, instead coming up with their own investment strategy and sticking to it for decades on end.


Leos are passionate dreamers, who can often be caught daydreaming of what the future has in store. As a result, Leos run the risk of romanticizing their investments, being overly optimistic even when it’s clear that something isn’t working. While this can hurt them, it can also help in that they’re less likely to sell during a dip, remaining confident that things will bounce back better than ever.


Analytical in nature, the typical Virgo has a personality that seems perfectly built for investment. Hardworking and critical, Virgos will do the research and check it multiple times to make sure they’re making the right investment every time. While this means they can often be left behind by successful trends, it also means they’re more likely to find long-term success.


It makes sense that a sign represented by scales would be all about balance, and that’s exactly the case with Libras. Diplomatic and social, Libras will listen to advice from anyone willing to give it, and make their choices as they see fit. A diverse portfolio with a blend of risk and safety keeps those scales perfectly attuned.


This resourceful water sign also happens to be often distrusting, which means that any investments they make are the result of countless hours of their own research. While this means they’re unlikely to get trapped in bad investments, the distrust can also mean Scorpios are often late to the party.


An adventurous fire sign that has a tendency to be impatient means those born under Sagittarius can be expected to take a number of risks with varying results. A Sagittarius is likely to get absorbed with day trading, wanting to find new ways to beat the market. The instability of this style means either the highest highs or some of the lowest lows.


In the world of investing, the pessimism of a Capricorn may be the most valuable gift of all. Extremely disciplined and unforgiving, Capricorns are unlikely to ever play into the game of investing, instead treating it like a science. While this means that they won’t ever get the fast gains that risky buys provide, they can often be assured that their caution means long-term growth is to be expected.


Starting on January 20, Aquarius is the first sign to arrive in the new year. Known for their creativity and independence, those born under Aquarius are likely to take some risks with their investments, going off the recommended path. The excitement of gambling with risky investments is especially attractive to this air sign.


Compassionate and trusting, Pisces’ greatest strengths can also be their weakness. A Pisces is more likely to blindly follow investment advice, with rose-coloured glasses hiding any red flags that may come up. While this can lead to massive gains, it can also result in some major losses. However, the wise Pisces is likely to learn their lessons quickly and bounce back once they reflect on what went wrong.

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