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Costco’s 9 Most Popular Generic Products

Costco’s 9 Most Popular Generic Products

When you spot Kirkland Signature brand’s black, white and red logo on an item at Costco, pay attention. You may be saving money and ending up with high-quality products as well.

Many Kirkland Signature goods are certified in their specific categories, meaning they meet high standards set by the USDA or another group. And this house brand is thriving — in 2021, it accounted for $59 billion in total sales, up from $35 billion four years earlier.

Good luck trying to sample everything from the Kirkland Signature brand. There’s just so much, with products ranging from chocolate-dipped almonds to photo paper to scented trash bags to gasoline for your car. But if you want to test out the tried-and-true, here are the most popular Kirkland Signature products, according to the company.

1. Bath tissue

No question, Costco’s bath tissue packages aren’t meant for those living with no storage space. There are 30 rolls to a package. But if the coronavirus pandemic shortages taught us anything, it’s that it can be smart to stock up on necessities. And what’s more necessary than TP?

2. Dish detergent

No one will know the brand or price of your dish detergent — they’ll just see the clean dishes, cups and flatware. Costco offers Kirkland Signature brand dishwasher pacs in a fresh lemon citrus scent.

3. Facial tissue

Whether you have allergies, frequent colds or just love sad movies, facial tissue is a must. Kirkland Signature tissue comes in either 2-ply or 3-ply and is served up in a variety of attractive boxes to fit the decor of your different rooms.

4. Free & Clear laundry detergent

If heavily scented laundry soaps aren’t your thing, why not try Kirkland Signature brand’s Free & Clear laundry detergent? It contains no dyes or perfumes and is hypoallergenic.

5. Lamb and rice formula dog food

Diamond Pet Foods makes all the Kirkland Signature dry pet foods, including the lamb and rice formula dog food that makes Costco’s most-popular list. Rex and Ringo won’t know, but it’s even all-American. All the food is made in company-owned facilities in the U.S.

6. Men’s non-iron dress shirts

Most shoppers probably don’t think of Costco as a clothing store, but the Kirkland Signature men’s non-iron dress shirts made the most-popular list for a reason. Or many reasons. The 100% cotton shirts feature a tailored fit, are machine-washable, and are wrinkle-free, so put away that iron.

7. Paper towels

You never know when you’ll need to reach for a paper towel. Kitchen spills, sure, but also garage mishaps, pet accidents, bathroom splashes — these Kirkland Signature paper towels will come in handy in any room. And with a pack of 12, you can easily distribute them throughout the house.

8. Drinking water

I try to fill my own water bottle at home and save money, but there are times when bottled water is incredibly useful — kids birthday parties, athletic events and traveling among them. Kirkland Signature water is bottled using state-of-the-art purification, filtration and reverse osmosis technologies, and both the bottle and cap are recyclable.

9. Vitamins

Who doesn’t keep a decent stash of vitamins around the house? Kirkland Signature offers a variety of choices, from vitamin C to children’s gummy multivitamins to multivitamin tablets specially formulated for those age 50 and up. There’s even an organic multivitamin choice.

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