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China ‘preparing for war’ with US, Asia by partnering with Russia, expert warns

Atlas Organization founder and author Jonathan D.T. Ward joined FOX Business’ Maria Bartiromo Tuesday to discuss the implications behind a recent phone call between Chinese and Ukrainian diplomats, what he calls an attempt at ‘playing both sides,’ as well as China’s ultimate goals going forward. Ward said that partnering with Russia is one measure China is taking to prepare for war with Asia and the U.S.

JONATHAN D.T. WARD:  …China is preparing for war with the United States and Asia, and if and when that happens, they want Russia as their partner on that date. You know, this is a joint idea of taking down the US-led order. I mean, they’ve been absolutely clear about that in their communications and, you know, being able to work together, building their military relationship and having that underlying economic relationship in which China absolutely has the upper hand and therefore a great deal of leverage over Russia, but they have a shared joint ideological enterprise… Beijing is recycling Moscow’s propaganda, and they’re on the same page about their idea of contesting the United States in both Europe and Asia. So that’s really the deeper heart of this matter. Beijing is not going to throw that away because they sort of need Russia in order to fulfill their broader geopolitical goals. So for those reasons, I think it remains a very robust partnership, but they’ve obviously put themselves in the trap of having, at this point, raised a lot of skepticism in Europe. And I think people are calling into question their economic relations. That’s where we need to take action. 

The idea that we’re going to keep on building or deepening economic relations with China is just totally misguided at this point. You know, not only the genocide, the military buildup, but the support for Moscow in the first major land war in Europe in, you know, 75 years. I mean, this should be enough for us to understand that it’s time to roll back the economic relationship, and you can start by looking at the Chinese companies that are going to be tacitly engaging with Russia as the regime comes under further pressure. That’s going to be a space, I think, for sanctions. I think we should be bold about that. 

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