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Is Your Sign The Most Gullible Of All The Zodiac?

The Zodiac can’t predict the future, but it can get pretty close. We can use the stars to glean insight into our personal growth (or decline) before it happens. Our horoscopes can also outline personality traits we don’t consciously register. 

In that same vein, the stars are great at picking out the know-it-alls, the Don Juans, and even the most gullible signs. Various factors go into a Zodiac sign’s gullibility–planets, elements, and modalities are critical elements. 

Out of all twelve Zodiac signs, one is particularly liable to fall for almost anything. Is it yours?

The Most Gullible Modality

Modalities refer to the time of the season in which each sign occurs. For example, cardinal signs mark the start of one of the four seasons. Aries signals Spring, and Cancer signals Summer. Libra marks the start of Autumn, and Capricorn, Winter. They are natural leaders and trend-setters. 

Fixed signs occur in the middle of a season. Taurus is in the Spring; Leo, Summer; Scorpio, Autumn; and Aquarius, Winter. As their name implies, these signs are often stubborn and steadfast. 

The final modality, mutable, is also the most gullible. These signs occur at the end of a season: Gemini, Spring; Virgo, Summer; Sagittarius, Autumn; Pisces, Winter. Mutable signs thrive in change and chaos. But they can also succumb to it. Because they’re so open to change, they have a hard time standing firm in their beliefs.

The Most Trusting Element

Similarly, each element boasts a different level of openness. Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn) tend to be the least trustworthy. These signs prefer to do things their way and rarely trust the opinions of others. 

Air signs are also a bit aloof—Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. Whereas Earth signs are just plain stubborn, Air signs are overly analytical. Their high intelligence makes them natural skeptics.

Fire signs tend to skew closer to the unsuspecting end of the spectrum. While they would never be one to admit it, Fire signs’ passion can work against them. They’re not only prone to flattery, but fire signs are also very impulsive. In hindsight, they might be untrusting. But they usually don’t realize it until the damage is done. 

That means the most gullible element is the last of the four: water (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces). Water signs are deeply emotional and imaginative. They navigate their lives using their hearts more than their heads.

The Most Unsuspecting Planet

Finally, planets play a major role in someone’s gullibility. Those with strong correlations to Neptune are particularly susceptible to fraud. This is because Neptune governs deception and trickery, earning it the nickname the “Master of Illusion.”

Neptune isn’t all bad, though. On the one hand, Neptune governs spiritual healing and imagination. But the opposite side of that coin is far darker. Overactive imaginations lead to unrealistic worldviews. 

Indeed, Neptune puts rose-colored glasses on whomever it’s influencing. Neptune makes people more naive, whether direct or retrograde. It isn’t that these Neptune-ruled individuals aren’t intelligent enough to identify a lie. 

Rather, it stems from a far more empathetic place. People ruled by Neptune want to believe the best. They actively seek out the good in people because the alternative is too unpleasant.

This Sign Is Especially Wet Behind The Ears

Considering each sign’s overall profile, Pisces is the Zodiac sign most susceptible to fraud. The last sign of the Zodiac has all of its cards stacked against them. Pisces is a mutable water sign whose ruling planet is Neptune. 

Unfortunately, Pisces isn’t just susceptible to plain old fraud. These idealistic signs are also the most likely to get cheated on. Pisces has a hard time identifying red flags, so they just power forward straight past them. 

This doesn’t just pertain to Pisces Suns, either. Pisces Moons are at risk of falling for emotional trickery. Pisces Ascendants, on the other hand, simply appear gullible. They very well might not be, but others might assume they’re an easy target anyway. 

Of course, Pisces doesn’t have to be doomed to fall for every trick in the book. By equipping yourself with the knowledge that you might be quicker to believe what you shouldn’t, you can more easily sidestep these issues. 

There’s nothing wrong with seeking the good in people. But it’s important to make sure they’re not seeking out the gullibility in you.

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