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We Found the Perfect Spring Nail Art For Every Zodiac Sign

Nail art is one of the easiest ways to update your look, and this spring, we have our eyes set on tons of pastel-inspired trends.

With so many styles out there these days, it can be hard to choose which one you want to go with. But you can make things easier when you go with nail art that best aligns with your zodiac sign. That’s right — let the stars decode and decide.

From classic ombré designs and fun squiggly lines, to embellished faux pearls and sky-inspired nail art, there’s something for every sign. Discover yours, ahead.


You’re longing for a new look to go along with the new season. A French manicure with a modern twist will make you feel continental and chic. And being that you’ll be going on many trips this season, you should try this look in preparation for your spring vacation.


Peach represents playfulness, charm, and inspiration — qualities that perfectly depict your personality. It’s the perfect color to ease you into spring and prepare for the best season ever, especially since your birthday is almost here. Plus, it’ll help open your heart to new experiences.


You aren’t one to play by the rules, which is why you’re drawn to this interesting pattern. Also, it’s in all your favorite airy colors, so you’ll soon make it one of your favorite year-round styles.


Since you often use your pincers to keep people within your grasp, you’ll love these nails — they radiate fierceness and tenderness at the same time. The crocodile nail art will remind you to let others in, despite the tough exterior you wear to protect yourself. 


You know you’re a superstar, Leo, which is why it’s time to let others know, too. A little shine and sparkle on your claws will make you feel and be seen as the fierce, regal, and amazing being you are. Everyone can bow now.


You’re not one to go overboard when it comes to your nail art, so wearing stylish and muted colors on your tips is perfect for you this season. Now, your nails can go with any outfit you choose to wear this spring.


If balance is what you crave this season, then look no further than ombré nail art for inspiration. You’ll be reminded every day to find peace and resolve without getting off-balance. This means finding moments throughout the day to relax rather than overwork.


It’s time you remind people that you are a water sign, even though you’re known for your passionate outbursts. This nail art will let people know that you have a sensitive and softer side, which is kept private and mostly only seen by those in your inner circle.


Always one to look at the brighter side of life, you’ll find this smiley face nail art to be the positive incentive you need to get through the day while dealing with work drama. Plus, purple is your signature color and brings you luck — which translates into extra good vibes.


When it comes to nail art, you prefer looks that are functional to wear throughout the day and transcend into cool evening wear. Therefore, nail art that has opposing, functional colors with little daisies for spring will do the trick.


Since you’re known as the water-bearer of the zodiac who flies in the clouds to give water to the masses, you’ll relish wearing this look that resembles the sky. It’ll make you feel like you’re doing your part in helping change the world.


Being that one of your planetary rulers is Neptune, who reigns over the sea, you’ll be super psyched to try out pearl nail art this season. (Faux pearls, of course.) After all, it is a precious gem that’s made in the water by its inhabitants that you find enchanting.

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