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You can now stop Google Assistant from talking with just one word

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Google Assistant, the AI-powered virtual assistant available on a variety of devices, makes it easy to use your favorite devices. Using just your voice, you can command your Google Home to play a song or to send a text message from your Pixel 6 — no hands required.

However, Google Assistant doesn’t always work the way you want it to. Maybe you accidentally trigger the assistant or you ask a question and get an extremely drawn out answer. Whatever the reason, you might want Google Assistant to stop talking, but that usually requires you to say “Hey, Google” first.

Thanks to a recent update that Google recently announced on Twitter, you no longer have to use a two-part response to get Google Assistant to hush. Now you only have to say one word: “Stop.”

How to stop Google Assistant from talking any further

If Google Assistant is talking to you, all you have to do is say “stop” and it will cease. It’s a useful new feature to prevent Google Assistant from blabbing incredibly long directions to a destination, for example, or a too-thorough weather forecast. It’s similar to the feature that allows you to stop an alarm or timer by simply saying “stop,” except now you can do it while Google Assistant is talking.

Unfortunately, the “stop” feature currently only works on smart displays like the Google Nest Hub or the Lenovo Smart Clock, as well as on smart speakers like the Google Home or the Sonos One. That means that the feature is currently unavailable on smartphones, watches and tablets that have Google Assistant, but that could eventually change.

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