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What’s your love language? How your zodiac sign might help you find it


How deep is your love and how do you show it?

Learning about your desires, romantic style and love language — as well as your partner’s — could potentially lead to a stronger relationship. And astrology can help! Let the stars guide you toward understanding the way you (and your significant other) express and receive love. 


It’s not uncommon for the fire sign Aries to poke at the ones they care about the most. In fact, the ram is likely to start arguments out of the blue to ensure that they are loved and to show their innermost feelings. While it can sometimes come across as being argumentative, feisty and dramatic, Aries will also work hard and do just about anything to prove their love.

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Being an earth sign means that Taurus needs to have their senses stimulated at all times. They prefer physical touch more than anything else and revel in sensual caresses. The bull will often show affection through hugs, cuddles and massages — even tickles on the back or neck. Taurus will reciprocate the cuddles to their partner as a way of showing their truest affections. 


Communication is essential to Gemini, which is why the air sign makes sure to stay in constant contact with their crush/partner. You can expect to receive several messages a day from your Gemini lover, who will let their feelings be known. Words matter to a Gemini, including the affirmative sentiments they receive from their significant other.


There is nothing that the crab finds more fun, thrilling and exciting than spending quality time with their partner. As long as they are making memories, sharing emotions, having laughs and opening up their hearts, Cancers will find comfort in their relationships. The crab will always stand by and support a significant other who connects with them on all these levels.


The generous heart of the lion allows them to give unconditionally to those they love. In return, Leo requires the same amount of adoration. A Leo will often show their feelings by giving and receiving presents (which can be outlandish at times). While they know you can’t buy love, they find contentment and pleasure in making their significant other happy and joyful at all times.


Virgos show their affection and adoration for others through acts of service. It is very common for the earth sign to show their romantic affection by taking on mundane matters for their partner to make their lives easier. Virgos will take on errands, to-do lists, cooking dinner, cleaning up around the house and making sure that all the bills are paid on time every month.


The romance factor is high (we’re talking Hollywood-level theatrics here) when being pursued by a Libra. As an air sign, Libras show their innermost feelings through kind words and romantic sentiments that will make everyone’s heart flutter with delight. Expect sweet love letters, roses, breakfast in bed and daily romantic texts that will sweep you off your feet when being charmed by a Libra. 


Scorpios like to consume the minds and hearts of those they’re involved with — and they expect the same from their partner. This profound, intense and passionate water sign gives their all when it comes to matters of the heart and demands the same in return. Therefore, the love language is deeper intimacy than you’ve ever known.


Being that life is one big adventure for Sagittarius, why should matters of the heart be any different? The archer will enjoy exploring and finding new ways to express themselves with impulsive declarations of love. Their gusto will be intoxicating for any relationship, especially since Sag is known to be loyal, defensive and protective of those they care for.


Capricorns are always trying to work through any problem that comes their way, or that interferes with their intimate relationships. Known as the CEOs of the zodiac, the sea goat is more than willing to push up their sleeves and put in the elbow grease it takes to make their relationships last and ensure that it’s full of romance. 


The water bearer needs a partner who doubles as a lover and a best friend. Aquarians don’t require over-the-top declarations of love, but rather a pal who will listen to their problems, be considerate of their feelings, remain loyal and have the same global views as them. Camaraderie is key when it comes to winning the heart of Aquarius, as they’re looking for a long-term relationship with stability. 


This romantic water sign likes to feel as though they’re being whisked away in a real-life fairy tale and that true love conquers all. Pisces have tender, all-encompassing, unconditional and dreamy connections with the person they are crushing on or committing to. They will believe in someone who ensures their very own version of happily ever after will come to fruition.

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