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These 6 Zodiac Signs Are The Most Likely To Cheat

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The Zodiac can tell us a lot about ourselves. It can highlight our strengths and passions, helping us navigate our lives more purposefully. 

But the Zodiac can also encourage mindfulness by pointing out the not-so-savory aspects of ourselves. The stars reveal our weaknesses, pet peeves, and even our likelihood of being disloyal. 

A sun sign won’t guarantee someone will cheat, of course. Every relationship and situation is different. However, some character traits suggest a greater propensity to stray. 

Did your sign (or your boo’s) make the list? 

1. Aries: Impulsive And Competitive

First up on the list is hot-headed Aries. Aries is a cardinal fire sign, meaning they’re used to getting their way. When that doesn’t happen, they’re ready to bolt.

While not always the case, most Aries have a fiery temper and competitive streak. They don’t shy away from confrontation. And in that same vein, they don’t take kindly to disrespect.

Aries will start to wander once they feel unappreciated. Constantly working to prove themselves, they’ll seek comfort from those willing to give it.

Similarly, Aries might also stray if they feel bored. Aries requires a spark in their relationship. If that starts to fizzle, then so too will their feelings.

2. Libra: Codependent Non-Confrontation

On the opposite end of the spectrum is Libra. Unlike Aries, Libra hates being alone. They seek a partner wherever they can find it, even if it isn’t the best option.

Moreover, they hate confrontation. So, when things get dicey, they will be slow to face the problems head-on. Instead, they’ll seek a more happy-go-lucky connection elsewhere.

Libra is also prone to fantasy. The potential of a new crush often overrides the struggles of a long-term commitment.

And despite being all about balance, Libra is also infamously indecisive. They might not mean to hurt the person to whom they’re unfaithful. They just can’t figure out what, exactly, they want.

3. Gemini: Social Butterfly, Emotional Caterpillar

Gemini’s bad rep might make them an unsurprising addition to this list. These celestial twins are prone to restlessness and emotional immaturity. Their relationship priority is often quantity over quality.

As a mutable air sign, Gemini is almost constantly in flux. Whether mental, physical, or emotional, Geminis never like to stay in one place for too long.

Consequently, Gemini is quick to leave once the honeymoon phase fizzles. They’re used to people liking them effortlessly. Once it requires work, they lose interest.

Like their fellow air sign, Libra, Gemini also hates being alone and talking about their feelings. They’d rather enjoy an easy, shallow relationship than suffer through a deep, complicated one.

4. Cancer: Moody Comfort Seekers

Cancer’s emotions run deep. Notoriously sensitive, Cancer will often carry their moodiness over into their relationship. They don’t know any other way; their feelings have no “off” switch.

Comfort and stability attract Cancer. Once they find that, they will be a loyal and empathetic partner within a relationship. But if their bond grows unstable or unhappy, Cancer will seek comfort somewhere else.

While they enjoy familiarity, these water signs hate stagnancy. They’re the first to notice if a connection has grown stale. They’re also the first to act on it.

Finally, Cancer runs on emotion, not logic. If their heart desires something, they’re likely to listen to it.

5. Leo: Will Stray For Attention

Leos are fiercely loyal… until they’re not. These regal signs demand center stage. As long as they get what they want, Leo will be a dream partner: loving, loyal, and exciting.

But ignore or scorn Leo, and you run the risk of them searching for a new admirer. They likely won’t have problems finding one, either. Leo exudes a natural warmth and confidence.

Their attractive air is mainly due to the high standards to which they hold themselves. Leo also holds their partner to these same standards.

If they don’t live up to a Leo’s expectations, they’ll find someone who will. Or, at the very least, they’ll find someone who helps Leo reach their compliment quota for the day.

6. Sagittarius: On-The-Lookout Optimist

Sagittarius is always searching for their next big conquest. They live their life as a series of goals–plan, accomplish, repeat. Unfortunately, this can be a good and bad thing in love.

Because Sag is a restless spirit, they can wander when a situation has become too routine. After all, it takes a lot of work to constantly look for the next best thing.

In addition to a thirst for exploration, Sag prioritizes principles over feelings. If they feel monogamy goes against their moral code, they won’t adhere to those rules.

They’ll manage to justify this by blaming it on their search for freedom. However, they tend to forget that personal liberty doesn’t mean stomping on others’ feelings.

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