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Your Ultimate Guide to Numerology — Including Why You Need to Know Your Life Path and Destiny Numbers


Perhaps you’ve found that the number 4 always seems to come up for you in a lucky way, or you’re always seeing repeating 1s out in the world. Either way, it’s hard to deny that numerical patterns seem to present themselves to us in mystical ways. The study of this very phenomenon is numerology.

“Numerology is an ancient mystical science which attributes deeper meaning to numbers,” explains Josh Siegel, a master numerologist who has been in practice for over two decades. “Its philosophy states that all things carry a unique vibration including human beings. Modern Numerology can be used as a powerful self-help tool that can provide insight and direction.” 

For example, you can take your name and birthdate and boil it down to a numeric code that will identify unique characteristics and even life lessons, says Siegel. And that’s just one technique to hold in mind as you explore your own significant numbers. 

Here, Siegel elaborates on the basics of numerology, various types of numbers that can offer valuable intel, and the power and meaning of each number. 

Where Numerology Came From  

Numerology is rooted in philosophies that date back thousands of years to ancient Egypt, Sumer, and India, explains Siegel. “Numbers were universally used to describe divine forces in nature,” he says. 

But around 2500 BC, Greek philosopher and early mathematician, Pythagorus — the same behind the Pythagorean Theorem you learned in math class — taught that all things vibrate to their number and even the planets resonate to their own frequency. “Pythagorus was said to have learned sacred knowledge from his journey to Egypt,” says Siegel. “Although his life has become something of legend, traditions credit him with some of the earliest advanced mathematics, geometry, and even the development of western music.”

What Your Numerology Life Path Number Is and How to Calculate It

One of the first ways you can begin to work with numerology in your own life is by pinpointing your Life Path number, which can give you a sense of what your focus is on in this lifetime. “It actually signifies a challenge you were born with that brings out qualities associated with the number,” explains Siegel.

For example, if your Life Path number is 8, you might struggle with self-worth or empowerment but feel compelled to be a total boss in your career, vying for executive positions or starting your own business. “Over time, the 8 Life Path may learn to overcome their lessons and embody the strength inherent in their path number,” explains Siegel. 

In other words, we’re here to consider the qualities of our Life Path number and weave it into our work as well as strive to manifest its higher qualities in our daily lives. In short, it is an integral part of our growth, notes Siegel. 

How to Figure Out Your Life Path Number 

To figure out your Life Path number: 

1. Add the month and day of your birth date separately, then add the year together as a separate number. For example, a birth date of 11/20/1985 would be calculated this way: Add together the month and day 11 + 20 = 31. Keep the 31 aside. 

2. Now, add together all the numbers of your birth year. Keeping with this same example, 1+9+8+5 = 23. 

3. Next, add the number that was derived from your birth day and month to the number you landed on for your birth year. In this case, you’d get 54.

4. Now add the two digits together to create one single number. In this case, 5+4 = 9, so the person is a 9 Life Path. And in more advanced numerology, you’d write it as 54/9, explains Siegel.

What Destiny, or Natural Ability, Numbers Are and How to Calculate Them

You can also use your full name — from your birth certificate — to come up with your Destiny number. Siegel says it’s a bit of an outdated term, because the number you come up with isn’t exactly about your destiny. Instead, it’s indicative of your innate talents. For that reason, Siegel calls it the “Natural Ability” number. 

“It represents capabilities that are second nature, that you just know how to do,” explains Siegel. In other words, it’s not about something you need to learn or weave into your life like the Life Path number. And for the greatest success and fulfillment, you want to work with both the Life Path number and the Natural Ability number.

How to Figure Out Your Destiny Number or Natural Ability Number

1. First of all, bear in mind that every letter is associated with a number. Here’s the cheat sheet on that: A=1, B=2, C=3, D=4, E=5, F=6, G=7, H=8, I=9, J=1, K=2, L=3, M=4, N=5, O=6, P=7, Q=8, R=9, S=1, T=2, U=3, V=4, W=5, X=6, Y=7, Z=8.

2. Now, take your full name at birth (first and last). Say it’s SAMANTHA BELL. That’ll result in 1 1 4 1 5281 for the first name, and, for the last name, 2533.

3. Add the letters of each name separately: Samantha is 1+1+4+1+5+2+8+1 = 23. Bell is 2+5+3+3 = 13. 

4. Then, add them together 23 + 13 = 36.  

5. Add the two digits together to create a new number. 3 + 6 = 9, meaning Samantha has a 9 Natural Ability (or Destiny) number. It may also be written 36/9, notes Siegel.

Master Numbers, Defined

There are a few double-digit numbers that numerologists will not boil down to a single digit, and those are known as Master Numbers. These special numbers hold great promise, yet can test those who carry them in their numerology chart, explains Siegel. 

Essentially, they’re repeating double-digit numbers like 11, 22, 33, etc. all the way up to 99. “They carry intensity due to the doubling effect and challenge the person to rise to the potential inherent in the number,” explains Siegel. “For example, a 66 (written 66/12/3) can give great talent in the creative arts or gifts in a healing profession. However, it can also make one quite sensitive and overly idealistic.” 

If you carry a Master Number, you’re being required to work constructively with the capabilities and talents given while learning how to handle the challenges that come from a powerful influence, says Siegel.  

What Each Number in Numerology Means

Here’s the scoop on every number’s significance, which can be tapped into when you’re working with any of the above types of numbers.

“The number 1 is associated with those who lead and create their own path,” notes Siegel. People who have this number as a Life Path or Natural Ability number are meant to be trailblazers as opposed to followers. “They can develop confidence through independent and decisive action and through owning their unique qualities,” says Siegel. 

1’s key word: Originality. 

“The number 2 represents highly intuitive types who can effectively build bridges,” explains Siegel. “They can typically read people and are gifted with knowing how to reach others. They may have insights and revelations about life that they can share to inspire. They should learn boundaries and how to say no.” 

2’s key word: Balance.

In astrology, the third house is all about communication, and in numerology, it’s not far off. “The number 3 represents all forms of creative expression and many who carry this number are naturally talented,” explains Siegel. “This number can give charm and affability to the personality. There can also be talent and healing through writing and public speaking.” 3s should learn to express themselves openly and honestly and not suppress uncomfortable emotions, he notes. 

3’s key word: Authenticity. 

Pragmatic, sensible, organized? Then, perhaps 4 is your Natural Ability number. “The number 4 is the practical builder who puts things together and gets it done,” explains Siegel. “They are logistical problem solvers who have an analytical mind that is geared for strategy and putting the plan together.” It’s important for 4s not to overwork, stress themselves out, or brush their emotions under the rug. 

4’s key word: Stability.

If you’re an adventurous, spontaneous risk-taker (think fire sign energy), you could be a 5. “The number 5 is the most free spirit of all numbers,” says Siegel. “They have a love for travel and are typically restless.” 

5s are strong communicators who typically excel at sales, marketing, branding, or anything within the communication industry. “They have concerns about being trapped which can complicate relationships and cause a high turnover rate in career,” explains Siegel. “They should have enough risk and excitement in what they do so as not to blame others for being imprisoned.”

5’s key word: Freedom.

Like the sixth house in astrology, which is ruled by service-oriented and super communicative Virgo, the number 6 is found in the charts of both artists and those in service. “The artist types may work in design, beauty, fine arts, aesthetics, music etc.,” notes Siegel. “The service types may work in therapeutic channels, social service, healing modalities, community help etc. They have a deep and committed form of love to give and love their partners and family unconditionally.” 

That said, people who carry 6 might struggle with self-acceptance and find it tough to accept love from others. “They can also judge themselves too harshly which can occasionally leak out towards others,” says Siegel. “They should learn to love themselves in the same way they do others and know they are enough as is.” 

6’s key word: Acceptance.

“The number 7 rules knowledge and truth,” explains Siegel. It is a mysterious number that promotes a deep curiosity. When this number is prominent, the person’s natural intelligence will promote specialization in a field or becoming an expert in what they do. It can bring a bit of the brilliant nerd mind with a knack for research. Some may be skeptics, however others may tap into spiritual gifts.” 

7s are teachers, trainers, advisors, and consultants. “Many find it difficult to trust others and may have experienced betrayals from their past,” notes Siegel. “They should develop an inner connection through meditation, yoga or self-inquiry. They would do well to let people gradually earn their trust.” 

7’s key word: Truth. 

“The number 8 represents ambition, drive, and the need to accomplish in the material realm,” notes Siegel. “Those who carry this number seem to attract both positions of authority as well as higher salaries. They have business acumen and are natural managers or executives. Many have a love/hate relationship with money and power.” 

Their journey is about tapping into whatever truly motivates them and attaining internal self-worth. “It is important they work not for status, but for enjoyment as well,” says Siegel.

8’s key word: Empowerment.

“The number 9 is the last single digit of numbers and represents a completion,” explains Siegel. “There is wisdom, understanding, and compassion with the 9 path. They hear the calling to reach out to society and make a difference. They are humanitarians and those with a social conscience. Many also work with the public or masses.” 

9s need to watch out for getting drained by people in need — energy vampires, if you will — and practice healthy detachment. “They may be called to let go of certain attachments in life to keep them on their path for humanity,” explains Siegel. “They must learn to follow the path life gives to them.” 

9’s key word: Surrender.

Consider a Numerology Analysis

Although learning about your numbers on your own is a great place to start, Siegel advises getting a full numerology analysis in order to gain a comprehensive picture of your overall direction in life. After all, getting a professional numerologist’s take could offer unparalleled clarity on your strengths, weaknesses, and what lies ahead.

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