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Your New Year’s Resolution, by Zodiac Sign (and How to Keep It)


The end of one year and beginning of another means we get a chance to start over—enter, the New Year’s resolution.

A little history: New Year’s resolutions have been around for thousands of years. The ancient Babylonians (always first on the scene with everything) are said to have started this 4,000 years ago. During a religious festival known as Akitu, they crowned or re-crowned a king and made promises to the gods to pay their debts and return anything borrowed. A similar thing happened in ancient Rome, after emperor Julius Caesar made January 1 the beginning of the new year circa 46 B.C. The month is named after Janus, the two-faced god whose spirit inhabited doorways and arches and therefore symbolically looked backwards into the previous year and ahead into the future. The Romans offered sacrifices to the deity and made promises of good conduct for the coming year. For early Christians, the first day of the new year became the traditional occasion for thinking about past mistakes and resolving to do and be better in the future.

So, we’ve been doing this for a HECK of a long time. You’d think we’d be experts at it by now, but still, the fail rate stands around 80%! So this year, let’s tailor your resolution to your zodiac sign, and see if we can’t make a perfect match guaranteed to motivate you.

Your New Year’s resolution, by zodiac sign:

Aries, you’re so full of energy that you find it hard to sit still. So pick something active for the New Year—maybe training to run a half-marathon, joining a rec league, or picking up a new physical hobby like roller-skating. Just find a productive way to channel all that physical energy of yours!

Want to make it stick? Play to your strengths and likes. Don’t like being sweaty and out of breath? Stick to weights, walking, and swimming. Does being with others motivate you? Sign up for a class or join a team. Free advice: Break your resolution down into achievable monthly goals.

TAURUS: Rest. A lot.

I bet you’re loving this advice, Taurus! Yes, relaxation can be a goal: I want you to schedule and commit to regular relaxation time. That could be a monthly spa visit, a daily guided meditation, or weekly time with friends—you get the picture. Make sure you’re getting your ~me time~: You deserve it and you need it. A well-rested Taurus is a happy and productive Taurus. If you’re not, well, then that’s when the problems begin…

Want to make it stick? Try a different type of rest each month, like meditation, napping, listening to music, massage, or going to bed early. This is about seeking quality, deep rest.

GEMINI: Change the world.

No pressure, right? Feeling jealous of Taurus? Hear me out: You love making a difference, Gemini, and you have the smarts and the energy to do it. This January, pick a cause that moves you, research ways you can get involved, and then do it. If you align yourself with the things you believe in, you’ll feel more grounded than ever. Sometimes you have so much energy that it fizzles and goes off in too many directions, so give yourself a worthwhile focus in 2022.

Want to make it stick? Get a friend to join you and turn this into something social. Even superheroes have fun, right?

CANCER: Learn about your roots.

You just ~get~ people, Cancer. You love learning about other people’s lives, motivations, dramas, and intrigues. Researching your family history will prove to be both an interesting puzzle and it could bring you some personal insight. You may even get closer to your family—who knows! Whether you’re asking your mom for stories about her mom or diving deep into, get ready to see your family in a new way.

Want to make it stick? Allocate a set time, maybe a Sunday afternoon once a month, for your research. And don’t give up too soon—you WILL uncover more than you think.

LEO: Volunteer.

One of your best qualities is how warm-hearted you are, Leo! You naturally care about the little guy. Use your passion to give back to the world by teaming up with a charity, nonprofit, mutual aid group, activist organization, etc. You’ll feel good while doing good.

Want to make it stick? Be realistic about your available time, energy, and interests and find something that fits into your schedule. Volunteering is for life, not just for New Year!

VIRGO: Set a timer.

It’s time to set a micro-habit, Virgo—a tiny behavior that, done regularly, has a big impact. Buy a timer (or just set one on your phone) and use it for a particular tasks or chores, especially those you drag your feet about getting to, or don’t spend enough time on. Maybe you’ll start spending fifteen minutes cleaning your kitchen every evening, or time yourself for a full two minutes as you brush your teeth twice a day (you probably rush through it, don’t you?).

Want to make it stick? Make that timer your new BFF. Give it a catchy name, decorate it, or pair it with your favorite song. You’ll love the sense of accomplishment and focus you get.

LIBRA: Make Duolingo your BFF

Bonjour, hola, guten tag, ni hao! It’s time to learn a new language. You love writing, reading, and socializing, Libra—you just thrive when you’re talking with others. So pick a new language to learn.

Want to make it stick? Link this language to a dream vacation and start researching and planning for your trip. Then, your motivation will come from a dream for the future.

SCORPIO: Leave your house more.

You’re a private person, Scorpio, and sometimes you can block out the world…and the past few years have been encouraging you to do so even more. However, too much isolation is bad for your mental health. Make a pledge to get out. Identify people you want to keep up with, places you want to go, and activities you’d like to try. Schedule these out over the month and year so you’re not over-committed. Keep in touch with the world!

Want to make it stick? Don’t overload your diary! You still need your alone time. I’m talking making two or three commitments a month, maximum. Even better: Plan them out weeks in advance so that work is all done, and you just have to show up!

SAGITTARIUS: Take a class.

You’re literally *the* sign of higher learning, Sagittarius, so even (especially!) if you’re long out of school, focus on education in 2022. This year, pick a topic you want to learn more about (early 2000s fashion?) or a skill you’d like to try and pick up (tarot reading?). Look for local classes or online resources, and set yourself a schedule.

Want to make it stick? I can’t say this enough: Choose your topic wisely, and make it very. specific. Your time is precious, so invest in something bite-size. You can always build it up later if you want to.

CAPRICORN: Make a new career plan.

Creating a five-year plan counts as fun for Capricorns! So why not make working on yours one of your resolutions? Formalize your planning process, Cap. Get feedback from trusted mentors and colleagues. Reach out to the people in your field who are where you want to be. You can go further than you think!

Want to make it stick? That should be easy because you’re the most disciplined sign. Do yourself a favor, though, and phase out your work. Maybe do the research in winter, make plans in spring, take action in the summer, and review your results in the fall. It’s a cycle of development.

AQUARIUS: Commit to budget travel

You’re a genuine global citizen, Aquarius. So schedule a monthly trip someplace new, and do it on a budget. Besides saving money, you’ll set yourself a challenge that will get your problem-solving brain working hard. See what you can do for less.

Want to make it stick? This is all about planning and research, so make sure you build that into your schedule. Free tip: Booking ahead often gets you discounts.

PISCES: Get spiritual.

You thrum with psychic energy, Pisces, so channel it. Astrology, oracle and tarot cards, meditation, mediumship, magick…give it all a try and see what sticks. Read up, listen to podcasts, and practice. Then, review what helps you tune into that deep well of intuition you possess.

Want to make it stick? Take a beautiful, dedicated journal and write down everything you do. This is your year-long diary of self-exploration. Make this journal your closest confidant in 2022.

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