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10 Countries Where Citizens Enjoy the Best Retirement


10 Countries Where Citizens Enjoy the Best Retirement

Editor’s Note: This story originally appeared on NewRetirement.

So, which country’s citizens enjoy the best retirement?

According to the 2021 Global Retirement Index Report from Natixis Investment Managers, the citizens from these 10 nations rank highest:

  1. Iceland
  2. Switzerland
  3. Norway
  4. Ireland
  5. Netherlands
  6. New Zealand
  7. Australia
  8. Germany
  9. Denmark
  10. Canada

And the U.S.? The United States moved back down one spot, and now ranks as the 17th best place to be retired. (The country was 16th in 2020 and 18th in 2019.)

Keep reading to learn more about how these rankings are calculated, where the U.S. stands on key factors and whether you can retire to one of the top five countries of the top 10 listed above.

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