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4 Zodiac Signs Will Feel the Deep, Reflective Energy of the Winter Solstice Most Intensely

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Celestial influence aside, there’s something moody and mystical about the winter solstice, which arrives on December 21: It’s the day of the year filled with more hours of darkness than any other, and it heralds a season of dimness and chilly temperatures. If that description alone has you ready to hibernate, you’ll be pleased to know the cosmos supports you in that endeavor. Astrologically speaking, the effects of the winter solstice will bring self-reflective, all-the-feels energy, especially for the four zodiac signs most affected by the planetary transits that coincide with it.

Broadly speaking, the winter solstice figures big in western astrology not only because it marks the changing of the seasons, but also because it’s the day each year when the sun moves into the cardinal sign of Capricorn, says astrologer Narayana Montúfar, author of Moon Signs: Unlock Your Inner Luminary Power. (If you picture the zodiac calendar, as a whole, you’ll note that each of the solstices and equinoxes reflects the start of a new cardinal sign’s season, in fact.) “The winter solstice is an important moment in time not only because it accentuates the sacred relationship between light and dark, but also because it impregnates the entire energy of the season ahead,” says Montúfar.

The winter solstice is important, not only because it accentuates the sacred relationship between light and dark, but also because it impregnates the entire energy of the season ahead.” —Narayana Montúfar, astrologer

This year, that energy will be deeply rooted in feelings and emotions surrounding self care, with the moon in Cancer when the winter solstice arrives, she says. At the same time, the moon will directly oppose Venus retrograde in Capricorn, encouraging us to evaluate (and reevaluate) the ways in which our close relationships are or aren’t serving us. But amid all that reflection, the astrology of the winter solstice also brings some forward momentum, Montúfar says: “The sun will be in a sextile to Jupiter, the planet of abundance and luck, which is one of the most fortunate astrological influences, as it indicates collective growth and a surge of optimism about the future.”

Given the arrival of the winter solstice at the start of Capricorn season, it’s no surprise the sea goats will be deeply impacted by its astrological milieu. But according to Montúfar, the other three cardinal zodiac signs (Aries, Cancer, and Libra) will also feel the effects of the winter solstice pretty intensely. Below, she shares the particular vibe each of these signs can expect from the cosmic shift, and how to make the most of it.

The 4 zodiac signs poised to feel the effects of the winter solstice most powerfully, according to an astrologer.


In classic cardinal-sign form, you have big individual, self-motivated energy, Capricorn—but the vibe of the winter solstice is encouraging you to turn an eye toward your relations with others. “With Venus retrograde in your sign until January 29, both your romantic and business relationships are up for renewal,” says Montúfar. “Be open to changing the essence of your interactions.”

Given that Venus also rules over the realms of love, value, and self care more broadly, part of this shift could relate to the way you care for yourself. “All your relationships are a reflection of the relationship you have with yourself,” says Montúfar. “It’s time to focus more on loving yourself and practicing radical self care.”


Self-healing is on the docket for you, Aries. Beyond the general slow-down vibe of the winter solstice, you’ll feel the impact of the sun in Capricorn activating Chiron—an asteroid associated with karmic, past-life energy—in your sign. “While you can’t completely erase some painful experiences from the past, the cosmos is allowing and asking you to revisit them in order to perhaps change the way your mind approaches them,” says Montúfar. That shift in perception is the best way to open a healthier, happier pathway forward, which will be further supported by Venus stationing direct in January.


Similar to Capricorn, rethinking or reimagining your relationships is a big theme of this winter solstice for you, Cancer. The emotions-centric moon in your sign, which opposes Venus retrograde in Capricorn (your celestial opposite), turns your attention toward love and romance.

“If you’re in a serious partnership, your power dynamics could be called into question so that you might find a more authentic way of being with each other,” says Montúfar. “And if you’re single, the cosmos is asking you to reconsider your standards when it comes to committing to new romantic and business partners.” In other words, relationships you’ve outgrown could come to an end, and new ones could be on the horizon.


A shake-up on the homefront may be imminent for you, Libra. The sun in your fourth house of home and family paired with your planetary ruler, Venus, in retrograde, has you rethinking some of the ways you relate to your siblings, relatives, or parents. “If you’ve been wanting to change something in this arena of your life, Venus will request that you express it,” says Montúfar. Though doing so could momentarily interrupt the harmony you so deeply adore, in the long run, this familial shift may allow for more balance and growth.

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