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Trump’s ex-lawyer Michael Cohen said the investigators looking into the Trump Organization could ‘indict Donald Trump tomorrow’ and be successful

  • Donald Trump’s ex-lawyer Michael Cohen said prosecutors could successfully indict the former president.
  • He said the New York investigation into Trump Org. is going after executives, Trump, and his family too.
  • Cohen said he had supplied investigators with “thousands and thousands” of documents.

New York prosecutors investigating the Trump Organization and its finances could indict “Donald Trump tomorrow if they really wanted and be successful,” said Michael Cohen, the former president’s ex-personal attorney.

In a Sunday appearance on NBC’s Meet the Press, Cohen discussed the ongoing criminal investigation against Trump, led by the Manhattan district attorney and New York attorney general. It’s centered around a range of potential financial crimes by Trump’s organization — most notably the question of whether he fraudulently inflated the value of his assets to gain an edge in financing deals.

Cohen said he had supplied “thousands and thousands” of documents to the prosecutors, and that other witnesses have been roped in to the investigation.

When asked by host Chuck Todd if he was “confident you did help Donald Trump commit crimes,” Cohen said: “I can assure you that Donald Trump is guilty of his own crimes. Was I involved in much of the inflation and deflation of his assets? The answer to that is yes.”

He declined to talk about the case against in detail, as he didn’t want to “tip off Trump or the Trump Organization’s people about what is actually happening.”

But he did say that prosecutors are taking aim at the former president and his family.

“You can bet your bottom dollar that Allen Weisselberg is not, and I truly mean this, Allen Weisselberg is not the key to this,” said Cohen, referring to the Trump Organization’s former chief financial officer. Weisselberg was charged  with 15 felony counts including scheme to defraud, conspiracy, and grand larceny.

“They are going after Donald. They’re going after Don Jr, Eric, Ivanka, a whole slew of individuals, family as well,” Cohen said. Cohen also repeated his previous assertion that Trump wouldn’t run in the 2024 elections, saying that the former president’s “Big Lie” fundraising appeals — based off claims that the 2020 election was stolen from him — are the “greatest grift in US history.”

When asked by host Chuck Todd if he believed the Trump Organization is a “criminal enterprise,” Cohen responded: “I don’t even know how to answer that. Are they a criminal enterprise? Let’s just say that they committed crimes.”

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