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Your Zodiac Sign’s Worst Month In 2022 And Why It Will Be So Terrible

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While it might be the height of summer for you, September will undoubtedly be a challenging month for the Aries personality. Everything will mount up and get on top of you, especially at the start of the month. In short, tensions will rise and conflict could be headed your way.Taking a look at the predictions for each sign, it would be difficult to contest the fact all 12 are in line for a prosperous year. With the Saturn-Pluto conjunction now being over, we’re all set to benefit from increased luck, optimism and a sense of adventure. However, that being said, the year will certainly have its highs and its lows, so discover which month of 2022 will be worst for your zodiac sign and the reasons why it will be so disastrous.

Our 2022 horoscope really does show us that most of us are in store for a great year, regardless of your zodiac sign. Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius for the next 12 months will see many of transform and push for freedom. Although sadly, while there are some particularly lucky people, everyone will encounter at least one testing month. Are you prepared to deal with this tough bout?



Everything will go wrong in June, especially when it comes to your professional life. The stress will build up, and you’ll struggle when it comes to making good decisions.



To put it frankly, this will be a difficult month for Geminis to navigate through. Nothing will seem to go right, and you’ll wonder if the stars are against you.



Whether you are single or in a relationship, you’ll be faced with the possibility of having to confront many misunderstandings when it comes to love. Keep in mind the need for open communication



Your patience will wear thin in July, Leo friends, and you’ll certainly have trouble biting your tongue. You’ll be put to the test and could feel overwhelmed.



Not much will go your way during the month of August, dear Virgo. Your plans will fall through, and you’ll end up feeling frustrated at the lack of progress.



The continued presence and influence of both Uranus and Pluto will have a destabilizing effect on you. Nothing will work out, and you could even get into financial bother.Microsoft and partners may be compensated if you purchase something through rec



Although it’s the month of sunshine and relaxation, this month will be full of nothing but drama. To top things off, tension will appear in your relationship too.



You are likely to be faced with a complicated decision this month, be it in your love life or at work. The trouble is, you won’t know what to do. Will you follow your head or your heart?



Your spending could get out of control in July, and the excesses of the holidays may have seen you max out your credit cards. You’ll need to be tougher on yourself.



Whether you’ve been in a relationship for a while or have just started dating, the summer will be a complicated season. It could even see your romance being put on pause for a while..



Everything will go wrong in October and you could even lose count of all the slip-ups. You’ll struggle to stay positive and may even feel a little lost.

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